Why are LCDs more popular than plasma?

I have a rough time seeing differences in picture quality between brands and models, but the difference between plasma and LCD are overt even to me. When I go to bestbuy, fry's, etc. and gaze at their displays of flatpannels, plasma televisions just look beautiful, despite the reflections, while LCDs just remind me of working on my laptop. Is there more merit to the quality of LCD than I observe or is there some other reason LCDs outnumber plasmas?
11-30-07: Andrewdoan
Sorry, guys. DLP and plasma are on the way out. Talk to those manufacture reps not TV salesman and see what they say about DLP and plasma. LCD is a way to go if you start from scratch. Look for better contrast ratio and better response time and you will be a happy camper. Trust your own eyes.

You could be right about DLP and plasma being on the way out, but I did 'trust my own eyes' and plasma won out over LCD and DLP no contest. LCD could have better contrast ratio and response time, I don't know. I'm not all that technical when it comes to video. All I know is plasma looks the best to me.
Jmcgrogan2, the top end Sony DLP's [Qualia] use their own mirror chip, while most DLP's use the Texas Instrument chip. Last I read, T.I. was on it's third Gen. chip, which I think is called "the black chip", but I had read this awhile ago.

The Sony Qualia chip has smaller mirrors than T.I., resulting in better clarity and contrast. To this day, the best HDTV set I've ever seen is my brother's 70" Sony Qualia DLP...the "reds" are unmatched having no over-saturation, and the TV has a 3-D effect, especially noticeable on sports.

This doesn't come cheap, and Sony doesn't even list the Qualia's on their website!