Why are Kitty Kat Revelators so invisible?

I have posted frequently about near-wall specific speakers, designed expressly for this purpose and always get someone mentioning that they have read about North Creek Kitty Kats, and an occasional Agoner will say that they heard them at an audio show. That's about it. Google reveals almost nothing, the website hasn't been updated for years and There are no reviews. I am really keen to try them as the only other real option are the Sjofn speakers and maybe the British monitors; I don't think the Von Schweikert VR1 is designed this way. Any comments or other suggestions? Budget $2,000. All the British speakers like Linn, Rega are apparently ok but not specifically designed for near wall use.
I rest my case:):)
I've never even heard of them. There's been dozens of posts about speakers that work well in close proximity to a rear wall. I'm sure you could dig some of them up. Of course rear ported speakers are out of the question so you can start there. I use Harbeth C7es3's and they're fairly close to the rear wall. I've always preferred front ported monitors.
Just bought a used pair of NHT classic 3s. I'll see how they do.
Your NHTs will be fine I owned some of the NHT classics but what does this have to dio with Kitty Katts from North Creek?
Because I was trying to find ideal speakers for flush against the wall and North Creek kept coming up, but I gave up on them since nobody has see mingly heard of them or reviewed them, so I bought NHTs...is that clear now?:) connection: flush against the wall speakers........!!!!
good luck with that "flush against the wall" thing......

The NHT Classic 3 are acoustic suspension speakers. This design of speaker operates well in near rear wall placement. Period. I am not sure if absolute flush placement is physically possible. My hunch is that clearance needed for speaker cable, especially if you are using banana plugs, may bring you a few inches from the rear wall. With all that said, I used NHT SB2s in this manner with a Prima Luna PL2 amp and Rega Apollo CD player and really enjoyed the sound.

Like you, when I was looking for special placement speakers,I tried to get information about North Creek (near rear wall) and Salk (on sides) speakers and it was frustrating to say the least. Non intuitive web-sites talking about kits or models costing $2K plus, but no product lists or order forms. Emails were not returned.

I ultimately purchased the Ascend Acoustic Sierra 1 Monitors after conversations with AA that Sierras were designed to operate either in regular standing position or on their sides, which was a need on my part. I have them about 10 inches from the rear wall on top of a bookcase and they are stellar.

The Regas were real surprises. Inside a closed back bookcase, placed on their sides, and they were fantastic. Should not have given them away.

Good luck with the Classic 3s.

An inch or three is fine, too, Shakeydeal, so dont get too broken up about it.....just dont want a foot or three...I think you get the drift...
Thanks for the encouragement, Rar1 - I think I have caused confusion by stating "flush" - I simply meant "near wall". I also read now that von Schweikert VR-22s can be closer to the rear wall....
At the California Audio Show last week.

I saw a pair of speakers by LRE acoustics.

They were designed to be placed close to the wall.

The speaker designer had them almost attached to the wall and they sounded fantastic with 500$ denon receiver and a no-name (prob $200) cd player. A refreshing change from $500,000 systems with all the big names.

Here is the website: http://lreaudio.com/

They are $2000 a pair tentatively, The designer Jim Suhre was hands down the coolest guy I met at the show. He's been designing speakers as a hobby for 15 years, and this was (I think) his world premier.

Am not affiliated with him at all, just loved his attitude, and he was fun guy to talk to, and I liked him, and his interaction with Stereophile Jason Verinus was a blast to watch.

Check him out, you might be snagging the first pair.
Here is the link to his stereophile writeup and photo: http://www.stereophile.com/content/cas-2013-day-3-au-revoir-trois
Not broken up about it. And you shouldn't be either, as long as you don't mind getting ~60% of the performance out of a speaker. All is well.....

Hey, Shakeydeal, Albert von Schweikert apparently doesnt agree with you. Read the Stereomojo review of the VR-33s. Designed to be close to the wall. Too bad I didnt read about the von Schweikerts before posting my apparently annoying post:)