why are jolidas so cheap?

I am not sure if jolidas are good amps or not. I am looking for a good integrated used within $600 and a lot of the jolidas are within that price range.
I would like an extremely clean amp 50wpc?
any comments?
for the money why not. i would rather have cheap tubes than good solid state. i heard the jolidas and think they are not to bad. you also might want to try antiuqe sound labs.
I am not directly familiar with either unit, but an internet acquaintance that i speak to somewhat regularly went from a Jolida integrated to the YBA Audio Refinement integrated. He was overjoyed with the difference in performance and has felt no need to upgrade from that point on. Just thought i'd pass the info on as food for thought... Sean
try calling John @ his store in Seattle, The Audio Connection (not the NJ store). He sells lots of lower priced tube amps (including Jolida) and I'm sure would be happy to talk to you about the subject (206-524-7251). He's open mon - sat 11-6.
For another $500+/- you could check into the Mesa Tigris listed here for 1.1K.
Low end tubes provide no where near the sound of even mid range solid state. Tube are inherently troubled with high distortion, and it takes good design topology and high quality components to combat this phenominon.

Anthem makes wonderful, high quality but very reasonable tube gear. Personally I would look here instead of Jolida.

You should compare any tube integrated in your price range to the Bryston or Audio refinement - you may be suprised. Densen and Primare also make good integrated amps.

Just my opinon.
I have been selling Jolida amps for about five years and have found them to be an excellent value. The main reason they are priced lower than other tube amps is that they are made in China. They can be upgraded easily by replacing the Chinese output tubes with premium types like Groove tube.

I have a Jolida 302A and with the replacement of the Chinese tubes there is absolutely nothing wrong with it for the price. True it is not the best but for your price range you won't find much better. It doesn't match my 300B with a 2C22 or 26 preamp.

Don't let the SS crowd discourage you. Tube sound has depth and sound stage rather than the monodimensional nerve wracking irritation of odd order distortion. The Jolida uses common tubes which are available in a variety of qualities.

Previous suggestions are very good. The Audio Refinement gear is great. Tubes are lovely and they are all correct in replacing the cheap Chinese tubes with better whether they be new or New Old Stock (NOS).

I've listened extensively to Antique Sound at CES and a couple of stores and find them to be the ultimate entry level tube gear. Also easily upgraded. They have superior iron (power transformer) to the Jolidas and that makes all the difference, especially with tubes. Good luck.
I agree with the poster who recommended Audio Refinement, I would also suggest you look at the Musical Fidelity A3 integrated. The Bryston mentioned is also very good, but more expensive. I definitely agree that mid-fi tubes can't hold a candle to the SS products in their price range. You really have to move up to another class to allow the advantges of tubes to start to compensate for their MANY inconvenient and non-ideal characteristics.
I have a Jolida 502a and a Jolida 302a and I would recommend either one. Both are great integrated tube amps. They have a pretty clean sound and lots of power. I would definitely recommend upgrading the stock tubes. Anthem also makes good sounding affordable tube gear.
Just an afterthought, but there have been many Classe' CAP-80 on this site go for around $700 - It will, hands down, beat any tube equipment up to, and many times over $1000.