Why are European Amps more expensive than Domestic

I'm wondering why the better known European electronics are so much more expensive than the big name domestic amps from companies like Pass Labs, Krell, Audio Research, Balanced Audio Technology. I'd like to hear from anybody who has experience with any of the better known European brands and how they compare to the domestic made in the USA products. My limited personal experience with one European brand so far has not supported the value of these brands.
Could it be the dollar exchange rates???
They are asking the same question on the other side of the pond regarding American made amps....shipping, distribution, warranty, exchange rates, import taxes just to name a few.
They are asking the same question on the other side of the pond regarding

The Pass XOno retails for 5500 Euro = $7800 in Germany - here you can barely sell on on Audiogon used for $2000 (new $4200).
There is often another "middleman" (distributor) in the loop with foreign products in either direction. And this typically reflects a 50-100% increase.
I don't think that in general Creek electronics are more expensive than BAT or even Musical Fidelity.
Generalizing isn't a good idea.

I'll try to get some business basing on your figures:-)
Dollar exchange and shipping costs.
Dollar exchange and shipping costs. Plus-
Fees,taxes and tariffs to protect home grown products.
Something the US doesn't do, hence the proliferation of Chinese amps,etc....
Causing a large trade deficet occurs and production going away to other countries.