Why are EMC-1 s being dumped on market?

It seems everyone is selling their EMC-1 players.
What is suddenly better? Are the new Audiomeca, Naim
or Brand X units a major leap forward? I have been sitting
out the Format War and listening to vinyl. However, I
would like wider selection in new music and would like to
know what is state-of-the-art and/or a good buy. Is the EMC-1 last year's technology?
I'd like to hear thoughts on this one, too. Interestingly, I would have to say that at the Stereophile show last weekend there were probably more EMC-1's in exhibitors' setups that any other CD player (at least that I noticed). Must have seen at least 4 or 5 of them in various setups. I left with the impression that a disporportionate number of exhibitors, when they didn't have a particular CD player to hawk, chose to bring the ECM-1 when deciding what to show off their other gear with. Wasn't keeping track, but I was surprised to keep seeing them in room after room. If people are really dumping them (there is some buzz about an upgrade?) then I'd sure be happy to consider picking one up on the cheap...
I think that happens with most products that recieve a bunch of rave reviews. Many people buy them based on those raves...often unheard, I'm sure...and then decide to move on. The sound may not suit them or their system, or they're just finicky audiophiles and they think that there's something better out there. I'm sure it's a great player though...I don't think quality is the issue. Take advantage of their impulsive nature and pick one up used. :-)
One more possible reason...Electrocompaniet has announced a new model, so many people may be planning on upgrading.
I was at the show this weekend. I only saw one of these players in use. Everyone was showing the Accuphase DP-75V (really).
Its just a timing thing. Seen it many times over the years with a few different products. It's quaility unit. Worth the prices advertised in most of the classifieds.
Possibly the new version of the EMC1 has something to do with it (due out "this Spring", but not available widely in U.S. now). The new version will supposedly upsample to 24/192, and have some other improvements (e.g. power supply), but cost almost $6K. However, current EMC1 models will be upgradeable (I think this is done in U.S.) for about $1K, so there's no need for all owners to "dump". I haven't heard the new EMC1, but have auditioned the current model extensively at home. It is an extremely musical player, and IMHO no one should worry about "gettting old technology" by buying this nice current model. If you can find a good used one, and want a CDP that just lets you enjoy music, pick up an EMC1 and step back from the frantic digital rat-race.
people are selling a lot of high end cd players for SACD players
As I understand things, if you see a lot of Brand X CD players in use in rooms, it may be because Brand X offered to supply these players, not because all of the exhbitors personally prefer Brand X. Thus certain lines tend to look "hot" for one show and then vanish altogether for the next. There have been shows where it seemed you saw ARC gear in every other room. There was hardly any to be seen in New York.
I didn't mean to imply, having seen a bunch at the show, that it means that they must therefore be wonderful. (And if I gave that impression, which reading back I very well might have, it wasn't my intent). I'd wanted to give one a listen for a while and had never actually seen one in person, so they kept catching my eye. They all sounded fine to me but, in the course of wandering in and out of rooms with all sorts of different gear, I'm not nearly sophisticated enough to even guess what contributaion (or impairment) it may have lent to any given setup. More than anything, I was impressed by how cool they looked. Really nice. Pretty superficial, eh? But, what the heck, I went for eye candy as much as ear candy.
Mezmo, don't apologize for being attracted to the EMC-1's looks! I too did some looking for one simply because it looked beautiful. Then I found one this past January for a good price used and snatched it up. It is the best CD player I have ever owned, absolutely as good as my Marantz SA-1 SACD player, which also sounds good. If you can find an EMC-1 for below $2500, GRAB IT. You will NOT be disappointed. You will be able to upgrade it to the supposed EMC-2 for under $1000, I am told, if you want to upgrade. I a/b'd the EMC-1 with a couple of other CD players and my Linn LP-12 turntable, all playing the same tracks of a Springsteen and Smiths album or CD or dubbed CD and could not believe how much like the LP the EMC-1 sounded, except with tighter bass. I was happy to have gotten mine for what I thought was a good price, $2800, in January. Now I could have saved another $500 on it!!
Find one and smile all the way to your listening chair.
Electrocompaniet is much too small of a company and too low key to supply other manufacturers with $4000 CD players. Also, the stakes are too high at a high profile show like the Home Entertainment Show or CES to use a mediocre source. Rest assured, if a manufacturer is using any Electrocompaniet component at a show, it was purchased with their hard earned dollars because they feel it suits their needs best.
Big mistake, I waited and waited for the digititis to disappear. I posted at different sites and found others who had same problem. We eventually all sold them and regretted the loss of money. BTW, the fit and finish is not good, the blue light on front (no switch like Meridian) cannot be turned off. Tacky VERY BRIGHT and experienced companies know it interferes with sonics. Lost a lot of money. No one with a good system would like this, if you have a soft, rolled off and undynamic system, maybe it's passable. Otherwise, believe me, if you have revealing high end equipment you will be sorry. BTW, the original Stereophile advert had two separate power cords, the release model one. One of the worst aspects is the fit and finish, pebble grain spatter paint job on steel...the latter adds the weight to the machine. Compare to the Meridian in te same price range for quality control and fit and finish. To tell the truth, Muse/Resolution--two other 24/96 chip sets from DVD technology are just as bad. This is not upsampling though the adverts are deceptive on this matter. It's just the same old DVD chip set on my Toshiba DVD...and sounds like it. I had a friend who had that chip put into his Cal Alpha "upgrade"--many threads of disappoint can be found on the web on this botched update. Everyone seemed to want their old Alpha back,reverse engineering, the bloom was gone from the rose. I would generally stay away from the whole 24/96 fiasco. It came too soon,players (BAT< Meridian, and ARC CD2) were reaching their heights of sonic excellence and we took a step backward. The Sony ES9000 the latest bummer, Audioasylum can be searched for reports. Burn in more the advocates say, but how long....forever? They just don't sound right. After 3 months continuous playing I sold the Sony (my third after a late model ES7 series (not as good as earlier ES series, and the 777, also "needing more burnin) and the EMC 1. 2nd tier of good used redbook include anything by Linn and Naim. 3rd tier would be the Arcams and the Regas. Seems the price point retail for a great little redbook was about 4-5 thousand--anything Brit and throw in BAT & ARC at this price and you've got a winner. Surprisingly, the most dynamic of all (read HiFi New, What HIFi or Stereophile) is the little Meridian. Surprisingly detailed (5 stars in Brit mags with special mention for its detailing) yet oddly in US (Stereophile, Planet, etc) it is seen as warm and detailed. Just a winner. A keeper for used $2500 with large remote. Absolutely no digital artifacts. Period. Even beats the wonderful BAT on that. BAT is my second favorite. Best is the expensive Linn.
For what it's worth, I have listened to the Electrocompaniet a fair amount. I find it to be a wonderful CD player. A very smooth sound, nice soundstaging, commendable heft and weight. We all have different tastes and leanings, and should report them. If someone finds this player to sound poor, by all means, share it with us. Just that I cannot fault the player's sonics or build.
SACD. Once you hear it, you'll never go back.
My ECM1 was the one being dumped here, ha and I posted to keep the price up at Audioreview etc how great it was so that I could get more on resale. So I'm guilty of selling this player but what's a guy to do? Lose all the money spent on it? Now that Audiogon sold mine I can tell you how much it sucked. Completely. God was I disappointed. I was sold without listening, a big mistake. But I blame all the people on the net praising it and now I wonder if they were doing the same thing? Trying to keep the vibe on it strong so they could get the best buck on resale. Geez, this is a sleazy hobby. Never thought it would turn me into the worst kind of fibber.
Adio54, thanks for exposing yourself. Any posts of yours in the future will be disregarded by me. This is not a sleazy hobby, just sleazy people like you make it seem that way.
BTW, I am one of those that have praised this player. Glad you got you money back by fibbing. What a guy.
adios54 - you're a dirtbag of the highest order.
Notice a pattern with all the email account posters? Who is this looser? GET A LIFE and spend more time listening to your boombox
sensitivity to it. Plus you may see duplicate ads on the same product.

There have been cases where a product gets all this attention based on some review and it really does stink. I have brought a product in once or twice and thought to myself "what are people thinking?". I doubt the AMC-1 is one of those, but can't say.
fyi, moonaudio.com has a nib emc-1 f/s for $1999. i'm *not* familiar w/it, but i *do* think that electrocompaniet amps are some of the best-sounding solid-state amps around...
Adios54 you do not belong on this site. This is not a sleazy hobbie. You are a sleazy person. Most of the people who post hear the opposite of sleazy. BTW I have listened to the EMC-1 with Virgos and Bat tubes and it is a nice sounding player.
I love my EMC-1 and I bought it without auditioning it beating out the Linn Ikemi which I initially wanted to buy before. What persuaded me to do that was because of what people here and at Audio Asylum said about it.It was one of the best decisions I did for my audio system.
And to Adios54, I don't know what kind of ear you have but I think you need to have it looked at or maybe you just need some q-tips,BIG LOSER.