Why are CDs so hard to open?

I have found CDs to be very tedious to open. First layer is the outside packaging, next the tape on top. Why do they pack these things like there is gold inside?

Also, is there a product that removes the residue left behind by the tape? This is WAY too complicated.
The most frequent use of the knife I keep in my car: Opening New CD's! Also a pet peeve of mine. BTW, I like the cardboard cases much better than the plastic ones, easier to get into when new, don't break, and generally easier to open and close.
Casual theft prevention.
If one could zip them open in a tenth of a second... Theves would be grabbing them by the millions, right in the stores.
Take the CD out, dump the container and it's alarm system.
In case you don't already know, it's alot easier to just unhinge and then pull apart the covers to get the sticker off rather than peel away at it's corners with your thumbnail or whatever.
I hate it too. I like the cardboard ones, but sometimes the cd falls out of them. Vinyl album covers have cool covers, remember?
Goo-Gone will get rid of the residue. You can get it at places like Target, Kroger, hardware stores, etc...
Ethanh has it right

I'll add a hair more detail
undo the hinge on the lower left
raise the cover up and you can pull the sticker right off

I use a little gizmo I bought for a couple of bucks at a local CD store to open CDs. It has a channel that fits over an edge of the CD and has an internal blade. You simple slide it along the edge with the sticky label. It slices through the plastic wrap and the label and the case opens right up. You can easily peel the two halves of the sticky label off - plenty of surface to grab.
The aliens are testing our intelligence.
Just about the ONLY thing/product that comes out far too "right" in the USA is packaging ... whether that really thick plasticote seen on flashlights, for example, or aspirin bottles, or CD packaging. The list is endless. Probably LOTS of injuries from people TRYING to open packaging.
If you use the Goo-Gone, do it outside. That's some nasty stuff. I wouldn't want little kids breathing it. It does work though. If some residue remains on the plastic try picking it off with a piece of the tape you've already removed. Usually works for me. I like the mini LP sleeves best. And, takes up a lot less space.
To give an edge to LP sales.

You don't have to open the CD - just put it in your player.

Now the jewel-box and the packaging they put around that -
now THAT'S hard to open! ;-)

Dr. Gregory Greenman
Ironic considering the cases are so easy to break.
The above post on American Packaging is right on target. At least they don't package CDs in that same packaging that a small tool comes in....the one that takes scissors (a small tool..) to cut open to get to the product.