Why are CD's decling in quality?

When CD came out in the 80's , they were marketed as 'indestructible'. They were built in such a way that they were almost impervious to any scratches and other damage.
As time went on, they declined in quality to the point that you could buy a cd and find it skipped on the first playing. Now many CD's I buy in the 21st Century seem to be incredibly vulnerable to damage. This is very frustrating.
.Does anyone have any suggestions or thoughts on this topic?
Or knowledge of why this has come about

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In answer to Hevac1's question, teleportation devices.

Hevac1, are you confusing the dual lasers used for CD/SACD reading with what is used for CD only? Which players, for redbook only, do you know of that use more than one laser?

On the OP's point, I do think, as others have mentioned, that the problem is more with his player than with the CDs themselves, at least from my experience.