Why are Ayon tube amps not mentioned very often?

Have been in the tube world for the past few years and I am on my 3rd & best one so far, the Ayon Triton Integrated Amp.  For me it is one of, if not the best looking tube amps I've seen and it sounds fantastic running in Pure Class A!  When I read these forums and tube amps are talked about, it is a lot of the same ones that are mentioned:  PrimaLuna, Quicksilver, Line Magnetic, Acoustic Research, Cary, etc. Since I have not owned any of those, I am curious how Ayon compares?  I am thinking that for almost $10,000 retail that my Triton should compare with the best of them, but why are they not more popular and talked about?  Thanks a lot for your feedback!
I’m good with direct, but not the sarcastic sharpshooting and puffery. For various reasons, one of which I suspect as fragile self esteem, forums adopt a tough love mentality.

It’s a stereo site, not exactly a bloodthirsty hobby. Nobody is calling for the National Guard to control a rogue band of stereo enthusiasts. 
I bet we can lose the bite and make this site enjoyable rather than a person needing a Valium to muster up the courage to post. 
I think Zesto Audio products look better than Ayon and they're made in the US. Anyone auditioning Ayon should also consider Zesto, especially for phono stages.
I have a Viva Solistino integrated Amp, but the Ayon Crossfire was a serious contender. That was before the Ayon dealer mentioned the cost to replace some of the tube's. 
They are not talked about because they are not reviewed and advertised enough in the big magazines because they are not paying the money to get reviewed and seen anymore all that much that is a big part of it and i am not surprised at all they are probably sick of playing the game.

I consistently see ads for Ayon  in TAS and Stereophile.  Where are you looking?