Why am I just now discovering Gregory Porter?

Driving home the other evening, I happened upon a song being played by the local jazz station here in Portland. Just heard the last minute or two of it, but it struck me with the same force that Melody Gardot struck me many years back. This is someone with IT. Anyway, the name was Gregory Porter, and if you check him out on Youtube, you'll see--hear-- what I mean. One of the finest, most soulful voices I've ever heard. Just ordered an album, and am about to order a few more. People compare him to Nat Cole, and I get it, but to me he's like a mixture of Cole, Lou Rawls, and Tony Bennett. 

Happy you found him. When I first heard him I thought it was Brook Benton. Great songs, great voice and wonderful arrangements.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling when one "discovers" an artist.

And Melody Gardot? Don't get me started... 

There's old music and new music but the artists are as good as ever.
I am 63 years old and one of my favorite things is being introduced to a great artist that some how has slipped by me, I have not heard of Gregory Porter so please when you sort thru his music available please post a good choice on vinyl to start with.

Hello @tooblue 

When I hear about an artist that I'm not familiar with, I check with a couple of music websites. One of my favorites is AllMusic.com. Here is the Gregory Porter discography from there:


I became acquainted with his "Liquid Spirit" album in 2014 and bought it immediately. His latest album, "Take Me To Alley" is also very good.

I'm no reviewer but Liquid Spirit would be a great start. It's about the "flow." His song, Hey Laura, is an old school soul love ballad. Takes me back to those great songs from the 60's. 70's & 80's by Larry Graham & Luther Vandross. Great listening alone or with someone special.
I give the nod to "Liquid Spirit." It also seems to be better recorded than "Take Me To The Alley."
GP is not bad for Vocal Jazz. He has a very nice approach to music.
His first two albums Water(2010) and Be Good(2012) are both excellent albums too. GP has one of the greatest voices.
Gregory definitely is something special. I love Liquid Spirit. Another artist that you should check out is Leon Bridges. Leon has more of a retro-soul/gospel vibe going on. Even though he is only 27 his debut album, Coming Home, sounds like he grew up in the 60’s.