Why all speakers are imperfect

In this post you will learn why all speakers are wrong. There are many speakers out there but the truth is they all suffer from the same problems so manufacturers have to keep inventing new excuses to pretend that they have made advances in driver technology, cabinetry etc

Now as open baffle die hards know, the problem with box speakers is the box itself. 

The problem people dont understand is that the box is there only so that the product is easy to ship and easy to place in your room. It is a severe compromise when it comes to sound quality. 

So the real answer to perfect sound is not a box but a dividing wall. The drivers would be placed on one side of the wall and the wall would prevent interference of the sound from the two sides. The wall would be built so that one side is where you would sit and listen and the other side would be the outdoors. There would be no pesky back pressure and you would get glorious sound. 

Now this is clearly a superior and probably cheaper solution than buying a flagship magico. Think about how much a flagship magico might cost. For that money this could easily be done and it would be superior with no baffle step loss. 

Now as a speaker engineer, i can confirm that there is simply not a great deal of difference between drivers. I have compared dirt cheap with state of art. A set of illuminators would EASILY satisfy even the most fussy audiophiles. The rest is just a question of custom tuning the crossover which is not hard. 

So folks, the speaker industry is not what you think it is. My proposal would exceed the sound quality of the most expensive Magicos, Wilsons, YG, you name it. The cabinet is the real culprit not the drivers when it comes to the secret to perfect sound. 

Now if you want mediocre sound and enjoy being on the merry go round then you are free to buy b&w, atc, wilson, etc all the usual suspects. 

I believe that perfect sound is attainable NOW. The real problem is that audiophiles who have spent considerable money on speakers are too embarrassed to realize that they have wasted their money on an inferior solution. These people are so stubborn that they will continue on the same journey, buying and selling speakers every few years and never achieving perfect sound.  They will sneer at my proposal because they cannot imagine how such a simple solution could outdo the advanced 
state of the art technology used by the likes of Magico. 

I believe I am the only person within the audiophile community bar none that has the capability to understand what perfect sound is and why it is so difficult to achieve. 
I have heard some of the best the world has to offer and i can confirm that they have got it all wrong. 

Wake up and smell the coffee folks. Box speakers are wrong. 

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Oh boy, kenjit stomping his feet and acting out yet in another thread. Sounds like he is getting very frustrated that nobody is taking him seriously. I can see an outdoor infinite baffle speaker or an anechoic chamber in every home. Just think of the great WAF, great for entertaining and very practical too.

I wonder if all these insane statements & ideas will continue even after mom kicks him out of the basement ....
Come on djones51, isn't obvious?

" Why would they choose a place like that when they could choose any other place?"

Like the animals think, rationalize and talk amongst themselves. They are instinctive, not thought rational. Now, kenjit chooses to annoy people.
kenjit, look at all the photos of the studio link Einstein, there are many different ones shown. Wall mounted speakers are not soffit mounted.

" All major recording studios use soffit mounting.If it was that bad, they would not do it."

Why do you continue to make things up and make assumptions?

Wall mounted speakers are not soffit mounted.
Kenjit said: "why not?"

Because soffits are a horizontal surface, walls are vertical. Do I have to explain everything? Is your mind locked into a concrete box? Your thoughts are trapped in an infinite babble, I mean baffle. Or do I?
Kenjit said: "Go and find a picture of a studio with soffit monitors to learn what they are and then you will understand that you are wrong."

   A soffit is a horizontal structure:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soffit

No, you find one to prove your silly comment. You are the one that needs to learn, not spew silly opinions based on nothing. You sir are a hack, stating false truths and stupid ways of making perfect speakers. Prove yourself, put up or shut up!
Well, his profile says he is from the UK. He asks more questions than he answers. Goes round and around and says nothing of real use and has several other threads that mirror this one. I think he has it in for the speaker industry and taking it out on us. I don't think anyone takes him seriously.
Here is a list of theoretical physicists. Now I don’t see you mentioned there, however, there is also a list of fictional theoretical physicists that might be incomplete (scroll down for the list). Maybe you will show up there one day. Seems like a worthy goal for you.

Just put up a 🚫 squirrel sign. that should do it.
Well, It's 8:30pm in the UK, well past his bedtime.
" If that is also unsatisfactory, we would simply refuse to offer our services to you and you would have no choice but to use inferior coffin speakers instead with all their inherent problems."

Wow, there is a "we" now, a new friend, teacher, mom or dad?

" Pests will not be attracted while music is playing."

I guess we all need to have our systems on when participating in this silly thread. 
" build yourself a pair of my superb infinity baffle in wall speakers"

Let's see your pair, let's see your drawing, let's see anything other then your flapping gums. You need to prove what you have done, otherwise, it is easy to prove what you haven't done s__t ... 
Just like a needle stuck on the lead out groove, the same tick over and over again. Or a narcissist playing his own record time and time again, with the same results. Kinda sad really ...

kenjit said: "The problem seems to be that you already have an unfavorable opinion about my theory for no good reason and your inability to disprove me has upset you. My technology is a development of the box and open baffle technology using existing drivers. The exact implementation may require refinements but the general idea is plausible."  

So, you say you have a theory and the technology, with that you say "the general idea is plausible". This sounds like you haven't even tried it yourself. You are trying to convince others to do so in order to prove your theory. A conclusion might be that even you might not believe your own theory.  

"There is also no such thing as proof since there is never any proof in the speaker industry and there never has been."  

Years in business, units sold, positive user & magazine reviews, audio show participation, buyer loyalty. Where's the proof for your theory/technology?
" Kenjit~Master speaker tuner~Master speaker engineer~Champion of PERFECT sound."

Now about Master-Baiter?
Well, it is good to know that he makes friends and influences people elsewhere too ...
Well mc, that might explain why he has no balls ....
" no you cannot. i use a variety of custom tuned designs. Im still in the process so theres nothing to see. And you wouldnt learn much just by seeing a picture."

Yea, that is because it only exists in your head. Stop bothering us with your nonsense and narcissistic drivel, it is getting boring and repetitive.
Also, your punctuation sophomoric. 
" another stupid tread, everything in world unperfect ."

Including the sentence above.

Another stupid thread, everything in this world is imperfect.
Yep and that's the fun of it.
Being entirely without fault or defect, satisfying all requirements.

The irony is, nothing is perfect, not even certain phone calls ... ;-)