Why According to some Turntable extremists Pitch Control and Direct Drive is Sacrilege?

Why shouldnt perfect direct drive speed and pitch control be part of an Audiophile turntable system.  Not having pitch control is like missing a stereo mono switch.
Every high end turntable should have pitch control. 
I guess we can add platter mat like gunmetal Micro Seiki CU180 or CU-500 on the platter to change the weight, also a record weight like Micro ST-10 on top. Then we can compare the sound with ot without mats/weight. It's not necessary to change the platter itself. 

Those Micro Seiki accessories are not for every turntable, but many turntables can accept them. 
This almost as ludicrous a question as why does Donald Trump style his hair like he does
Thank you very much Lewm.
Very useful and informative.
I am certainly intrigued by the Lenco especially after you had basically the same combo as I presently have , Nottingham Spacedeck and Walker controller and think the Lenco came out better.
Would be interesting to see how a stock but good condition Lenco would fare in same comparison.
From what I can gather the stock Lenco arm is pretty heavy so will have to read up on suitable carts as well.
Uber, the website “Lenco Heaven” will tell you everything you could want to know about the L75, and more. There are a few inexpensive vintage tonearms that are drop-in replacements for the original. And then you’ve got something really good. You can also read about the crazy things that others have done, with the L75 as a basis. Apologies to everyone else for stealing this thread for a moment. I will cease to spout off on Lenco.
Thx Lewm

And yes my apologies for driving the Lenco posts.
All satisfied for now and off too Lenco Heaven I shall go!