Why According to some Turntable extremists Pitch Control and Direct Drive is Sacrilege?

Why shouldnt perfect direct drive speed and pitch control be part of an Audiophile turntable system.  Not having pitch control is like missing a stereo mono switch.
Every high end turntable should have pitch control. 
Tacit admission that some belt drive turntables exhibit audible pitch instability. During the 90s, when I owned the SOTA Star Sapphire III, I used to believe it was just a problem inherent to recorded music. “We” are much more sensitive to varying pitch than we are to absolute pitch.
No disrespect to SOTA was intended. As I understand it, their newer models have cured the pitch problem, according to hearsay evidence.

Yes there is a stock L75 for sale I have my eye on but it does depend on just what the cost and complexity of " essential " upgrades would be before I pulled the trigger.
Imo, heavy platters are MUCH better, however care needs to be taken to relieve  the bearing of its weight. It's one reason heavy platter turntables cost more. 
Isolating the turntable using springs reduces the weight of the platter. Springs are anti -gravity devices. 👩‍🚀