Why According to some Turntable extremists Pitch Control and Direct Drive is Sacrilege?

Why shouldnt perfect direct drive speed and pitch control be part of an Audiophile turntable system.  Not having pitch control is like missing a stereo mono switch.
Every high end turntable should have pitch control. 

You will need an air bearing  or a magnetic assist for that kind of weight 

We are very insensitive to pitch. Very few humans have perfect pitch.
What we are very sensitive to is amplitude and phase. You have to be able to locate that enemy or prey. If you were playing along with a record and wanted to match pitch so it didn't sound as if you are out of tune pitch control would be handy but as an audiophile all we care about is 331/3, 45 and sometimes 78. Rumble is way more annoying than anything else. 
What you mean we, Kemo Sabe? 😎
Oh, I forgot to mention. It is not so much the weight but where the weight is placed. Ideally it should be at the periphery of the platter. Too much weight and you wear your bearing out faster. Out of balance and you wear your bearing out faster. The best way to go if you wanted to increase the flywheel effect is a periphery ring like VPI, Kuzma and Clearaudio make. Just because a platter weights more does not mean that it is better. 
Tacit admission that some belt drive turntables exhibit audible pitch instability. During the 90s, when I owned the SOTA Star Sapphire III, I used to believe it was just a problem inherent to recorded music. “We” are much more sensitive to varying pitch than we are to absolute pitch.