Why According to some Turntable extremists Pitch Control and Direct Drive is Sacrilege?

Why shouldnt perfect direct drive speed and pitch control be part of an Audiophile turntable system.  Not having pitch control is like missing a stereo mono switch.
Every high end turntable should have pitch control. 

I have access to a very fair priced Lenco L75 and was interested especially after reading some of the posts here.
What would you say in your owners opinion would be essential upgrades to a completely stock L75 without going crazy on pricing?
The extra 50 lb stainless steel platter was  added on top of the original lead platter with no pressure on the air bearing.
With crossed fingers the compressor was started, and the bearing 
did it’s job without complaining. I give the platter a startup
push and target speed is reached in about 30 seconds.
The power supply actually ramps power up and down in the startup
fase to minimize belt slip/wear. The belt runs on a sub platter that is also the upper part of the air bearing , and is relatively short, custom 
made for me by Origin Live in the UK.
The extra 50 lb gives you better image stability, and improved dynamics and bass. I did not expect the level of improvement 
that where the result.
@uberwaltz is it for sale?

You will need an air bearing  or a magnetic assist for that kind of weight 

We are very insensitive to pitch. Very few humans have perfect pitch.
What we are very sensitive to is amplitude and phase. You have to be able to locate that enemy or prey. If you were playing along with a record and wanted to match pitch so it didn't sound as if you are out of tune pitch control would be handy but as an audiophile all we care about is 331/3, 45 and sometimes 78. Rumble is way more annoying than anything else.