Why a separate DAC?

Hello, I have a 3 yr old Yamaha CD player with Burr Brown DAC chip. What are the advantages of having a separate DAC? What would you recommend to compliment and upgrade this for under $1,500? Thank you.

@tube444 I tend to agree with your comments and others; when looking to buy new components within your existing system it is best if you can try and buy but just as good buying the best gear within your budget...used. I have read great reviews on MYTEK LIBERTY DAC and others and will probably buy used. Dont have a lot of places in my neighborhood to try and buy....thanks again.


  I home trialed several high end Streamers with their own

built in DAC. price range $2,700 and one @ $ 4,200.

And the Liberty DAC $1,000.00 powered by a Astron RS-12Aa

AC to DC 12v converter About $100 bucks. I had Cardas

cable from their Specialty made to customer Specs.

Pig tail Y 24" L shielded 24ga sliver wire banana ends

from the Astron to Mytek DAC pin. Played Hi-Rez Tidal Jazz,

Rock and  *Classical piano" (*When streamed the upper key

notes tend to lose some attack and sound clipped off tops.)

The high end DAC's were running 120-v AC ( Our local audio club

gear.) After 4 hrs of switching. 8 ears found it confusing on clear cut absolute take all winner.