Why a separate DAC?

Hello, I have a 3 yr old Yamaha CD player with Burr Brown DAC chip. What are the advantages of having a separate DAC? What would you recommend to compliment and upgrade this for under $1,500? Thank you.

The Marantz streamers seem to be a pretty good value. All I know is streaming Tidal Masters actually sound better using my Node 2 sent out to the Marantz NA6005! Supposedly the Marantz isn’t even capable of the final MQA unfolding but to my ears it still sounds superior to just using the analog outs on the Node 2.

The Marantz NA6006 is the newer version using the ESS chip and has HEO’s. You can pick them up for around 600 bucks.


MYTEK LIBERTY DAC is in your 1k price range. Comes with 12V power input

With a very good 12-V low rippel power supply. It will give you what DAC’s in $2,500+

sound gives. Going 12V bypass all the AC circuit. Results MUCH warmer sound,

blacker back ground. Plus 12v supply lowers the noise floor to SUB BASEMENT.

@tube444 I tend to agree with your comments and others; when looking to buy new components within your existing system it is best if you can try and buy but just as good buying the best gear within your budget...used. I have read great reviews on MYTEK LIBERTY DAC and others and will probably buy used. Dont have a lot of places in my neighborhood to try and buy....thanks again.