Whose sorry now? Sellers remorse from selling amp.

Have you ever experienced a great sense of depression selling an amplifier only to later realize that
it would be nearly impossible to achieve the same high level of sound with easy to find new units? Have you ever experienced a reduced EGO and sense of self worth after having passed up buying a high quality used amplifier? Please tell us what the makes and models of these amps are.
I have toyed with the idea of replacing my VAC Phi 110/110 with a lower cost alternative, and the primary reason I haven't done so is exactly the seller's remorse you describe. I suppose I'm lucky to have experienced enough "impending remorse" to stop me from following through.
The ARC VT130 was the only amp I sold that I quickly had major regrets. I have not heard another amp that has that level of musicality for under $4k on the used market. I have since moved onto Wolcott and CAT mono amps, which have a number of refinements and capabilities to driving the Magnepan and SoundLab speakers, but oh how I wish I kept the VT130. The ARC Classic series or the later VT100/200 models just did not have this level of dimensionality.
Booohooo..hooo..hoo....Ahhhhhh....THE PAIN...........hooo....hoooo.....

I still will never get over not purchasing a pair of VTL MB-750 Signature's.....I'll never, ever recover. To this day, my reduced EGO and sense of self worth makes it difficult for me to get out of bed in the morning.

AHHHHHHHHHH!.......THE PAIN........it's too much for me to bear......my life is ruined......RUINED!!!!

I have experienced remorse from selling a pair of speakers. The sale was caused by the need to be fiscally responsible, but the sadness was the same.

Pay no attention to John - he's wacky on the junk! : )
I sold a Nobis Cantabile about 10 years ago and still miss it. It was the sweetest little 35 Watt EL 34 based amplifier I have ever heard. At the time I had horn loudspeakers and it was a perfect match.
None here, but the guy who sold me his Bedini 25/25 was sorry to see it go...
Sold a pair of George Wright Mono 3.5 2A3 SET amps, which we really liked, but at the time we wanted to move to a 300B amp. I didn't know how good they could sound until we hooked them up at the buyer's loft in SF. In an instant, my wife and I wanted the darn things back! A few months later, we bought another pair, and still have them.
Boa2: Did you ever try the 300B amps? I currently have a pair of Wright 3.5 amps, and have considered trying a 300B amp (for the additional wattage). Any thoughts or suggestions?

I regret selling my FM acoustics phono stage. It had a great feature that you could alter the RIIA curve to suit older recordings. At the time I was blaming it for my system sounding a little bright. guess what it was just telling me about my speakers.
rec- a nobis(made in wisconsin) cantible is on the gon. i had the cantible and the proteus pre and i swear they were the best tubed pair since the marantz 7 and 8b. there are 4 cases of remorse right there.
Absolutely, and beyond a shadow of a doubt, the worst mistake that I ever made was selling my Mark Levinson 33H monoblocks.
I have been unable to obtain anything close to the system that I had.
And now the prices have gone out the roof, and it will probably be years before I will ever be able to buy another pair for what I paid for those.
Such is life!
Yup, about two years ago, I let go the Audio Artistry Beethoven Elite system in order to consolidate everything into a small home theater system. I am still suffering from that decision, and to this day, I have not found its equal.
I must also confess to selling my McIntosh Mi-200 (industrial tube amp circa 1950), and my Western electric 594A 2"field coil driver (Circa 1930). I have never fully recovered from this mistake. The Mi-200 had the greatest bass I have ever heard. I cannot now find any amp,at any price that sounds anywhere near that fantastic. The WE driver had the most astounding and clear mid-range in existence. I sold this mono set to get into stereo 30 years ago, I mourn their loss on a daily basis and cannot find a suitable replacement. I feel heart broken,remorseful and depressed that these cannot be replaced, their prices are now astronomical.
Shoulda kept the Levinson 27.5

Shoulda bought the Bedini 25/25

Want a Threshold SA3...just because

Happy with current custom 300b SET interstage coupled mono amps.

Still miss the Levinson mostly as I see they have actually gone up in value since I let mine go almost ten years back....amazing..quality gear
Wish I hadn't sold my Rogers LS3/5a's and my Threshold SA3. Talk about dumb, but back then that was the admission price to 'upgrading' components. Now I live in fear of making another silly mistake and in the past 15 years the only thing I have sold is some Thiels. Need to have a sale one day!
Leak Stereo 20. Still the sweetest poweramp i've owned, always felt like me and it were singing along...
I practically gave it away way back in 1999. I've seen a very few on sale since then at 3 times the price of what i sold mine for. Incredible power amp, i wish i still own it.
merd..I forgot about those spendor ls3/5a speakers I let go for 500 as the cabs were a bit cosmetically challenged..another fooie pa
Selling Cary slm -200's. That is the best tube I have ever had. Bought a Wolcott Presence amp with the money and had total remorse with that sound
I sold my Levinson 27.5 and bought a C.J.Premier 11a. I do not regret buying the C.J. (It's a classic.), but I wish I had the 27.5 too!
Really miss my Mac amp with its big blue lights & autoformers. Purchased it brand new in 2004 at Magnolia HiFi and sold at loss. I want it back!
Not in comparison my current amps but I do regret selling my previous TACT digital amp....could have been great for a second system that I am now thinking of building.
No, all of amps have been upgrades across the board.
yes, my Art Audio Jota BX... so wonderful. I sold it because of upgrade disease :(
i regret selling my Lazarus H-1 hybrid tube/class A..no doubt.
I sold my 1963 Sting Ray coup in 1967 for $1900, yes $1900, no zeros missing.
I sold my 1959 Porsche Cabriolet Convertable with detachable hard top for $1200 in 1970, no zeros missing.

I'd love to take that baby for a spin.....or any porsche for that matter!!!
This is an old thread, but I was doing research on a Nobis Cantable amplifier and this was a hit. With 4 cases of remorse on getting rid of one of these amps, I thought it might delight someone to know that the company is still quietly doing busines as usual- catering to the few cult fans that have been lucky enough to hear their products. They changed their name to Signature Technologies, and while the Nobis Cantable cannot be found in their product line- the SRa8 amplifier is the exact same amp with the exception of a few aesthetic changes.

I spoke to the owner at length today, and perhaps about the only thing sweeter than the Nobis amp is the company's personality and philosophy on all things high end audio.


No remorse here!

I'm sorry for selling my Thorens TD125/SME 3009 TT. I'm also sorry I didn't buy that Threshold S/200 in mint condition to bi-amp with my own S/300. But that's about it.
no offense to signature...(the partners split up)...but the signature products didn't have that special quality that the nobis stuff had. sometimes its lightning in a bottle.
Wish I still had my Tandberg stack.
Hi Jaybo,

Actually, Signature IS Nobis- only the name has changed. As I heard it: The company did not 'split', it lost one of their original founders- who offered mainly financial support. His widow would not allow the remaining owners to DBA "Nobis", so they changed the name as a work-around. It caused them to lose momentum, but they are the same people with the same products.

The Cantable's original designer (Brian Bienfang) lives and solders on, and the SRa8 is the exact same amp as the Cantable. I actually have an in-between model that looks like the old Cantable, but has the Signature name badge. Everything is the same- the output transformers, schematic, FET rectifier board, etc.

Since day 1, Brian has made each amp by hand and he continues doing so to this day. The SRa8 is the real deal and represents one of the greatest amps for the money of all time, IMO. I have heard my share of amps in my many years in this hobby... The Cantable/SRa8 is a gem!

If anyone wishes to hear this from the man himself, Brian is very easy to get in contact with and takes pleasure in talking audio.

Signature Technologies, Inc.

2500 W. Silver Spring Dr.

Milwaukee, WI 53209 USA

Voice : (414) 438-1849

Fax : (414) 438-1821

email: fang@signaturetech.com
Hey just had to let everyone know that this ***hol* tube_lvr who posted right above me stole 1200.00 from me. He put an ad up for a cart and I sent him the money. He cashed the check and never sent me the cart and won't respond to phone calls or emails for 2 months now. Sorry just pissed me off when I read this thread and noticed he had contributed. Just wanted everyone on here to know what a piece of !@#$ this guy is.
Tube lvr
Do you care to offer an explanation to the buyer and rest of us?This is a serious accusation!
Why have you waited this long to file a complaint against this person and wouldn't the complaint have been more appropriate in the Dispute forum?
I did, and he has been removed from Audiogon. He was verified too. I just happened to notice he had posted on here and it just pissed me off when I read them, acting like he is a fine upstanding member of the audiophile community. Sorry I know I shouldn't have done this, but I just couldn't help it, like anyone reads the disputes forum!

What gets at me the most is that 2 of the 3 positive feedbacks really shouldn't have been postive at all. After talking with each of those members who left the positive feedback they said that Michael Matthews AKA Tube_lvr was horrible to deal with, however feedback being the way it is just decided to leave positive feedback rather than being honest about the deal. No feedback is better than false positive for sure. Had he not had those glowing feedbacks and not been verified he would have never gotten my money.

This sucks because I've only had wonderful experiences on Audiogon in the last 7 years. I'll never send anyone money again without some sort of safety net to protect myself.

I hope Michael Matthews reads some of this stuff and at least feels like the piece of crap that he is.

Sorry to hijack this thread!
I'm sorry that this happened to you. I have been fortunate myself in that I've had positive experiences these last 5 years as an Audiogon member. I see that Tube_lvr has lost his membership on Audiogon. I'm surprised that he's still allowed to make posts on threads. Audiogon should make this part of the package.
WOW. I can't beleive that Ejlif. Michael Matthews you should be ashamed of yourself and, hopefully soon enough, getting what you deserve. We reap what we sow.
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But is the Nobis still a good amp? seemed interesting.
i miss not buying my friend's cj mv 125 when i had the chance. it is my favorite amp.