Whos making the best ceramic speakers

Im thinking about going to ceramic driver speakers.Whats great these days..thanks
I'd suggest the old tried and true Accutons. Just be aware that you should really get two in a MTTM type arrangement if you need good SPL's from a floorstander. I'd be wary of anything that does not have the rubber dampers or some form of additional damping (such as a constrained layer)...ceramic is a hard material that will ring like a bell (as you know well if you have high quality china)
Tidal, Marten, Kharma, Avalon with the nod to the Tidal and Marten as they design and manufacture speakers with all ceramic drivers.
Pure Ceramic is made by 3 companies - as far as I can remember;

Marten Design
Tidal Audio

Many companies use a mix of Ceramic for the midrange & other woofers for the bass. That list is rather long to put here....

The msin issue is that Ceramic as a material is rather 'fragile' & to make big diaphram woofers is rather difficult.
Therefore a lot of people mate the ceramic midrange with different woofers. Speed - Texture - Tone etc. are issues that one has to look into;


All mentioned pretty sure use accutons. Others manufacters use coating of ceramic like fostex f200a.
Consensus Audio is the best right now...
That is a very strong statement and it begs for an equally strong answer. Consensus is a frontrunner for sure, but it does not qualify for "The Best". If we must use that terminology then Tidal takes the crown (unless everything beyond the Consensus Passion - and I believe that leaves only the Statement - were a few leagues better than the latter; in which case I'd be extremely interested to hear those top of the range Consensus speakers next to comparably priced Tidals).
I have heard Kharma speakers with cermic drivers. I wasn't that impressed.
Karelfd, thats the speakers I'm talking about.. the Consensus audio Statement speakers. Some say these are the WORLD's BEST SPEAKERS right now...
Tidal for sure!
Hifisoundguy, that is precisely what others claim the Tidal Sunray to be (not to mention the T1), and based on everything I've heard, I'm in that camp. And here we are at the heart of the little problem: you have heard Consensus Statement, I've heard Tidal Sunray, until we heard them both, preferably side by side (and I'd really like to do that), we will have to agree to disagree.

To be sure, I think it's great for everyone in this hobby to be passionate about great products and have their own sacred beasts, their own best based upon their own listening experience; I sure take the liberty to have mine. Therefore, Hifisoundguy and everyone else here, please don't take offense, the following is expressly NOT aimed at any of you. But in the context of this topic, I also like to mention that I've grown allergic to see certain magazines claim in big front-page statements they have found the ultimative gear (again), then leaf a few pages further to find the full page glossy advertisement, uhuh. I've heard a fair number of those World's Bests and am happy and relieved to say that none of them stood the test against Tidals offerings so far.

Btw, I believe my information to be correct that the Sunray will be at CES, so, for those interested in the proof of the pudding.
"And here we are at the heart of the little problem: you have heard Consensus Statement, I've heard Tidal Sunray, until we heard them both, preferably side by side (and I'd really like to do that), we will have to agree to disagree."

I don't get the "little problem". "Best" being a relative term, if neither of you has heard both speakers, there is no basis for either agreement or disagreement.
Tidal is miles ahead of the rest...
I wouldn't pretend to know the answer, but I'm sure that Marten is a top contender. Coltrane, Coltrane Supreme, and now Memento. Has anyone compared any of these to any of the others?
Another really good speaker is Lumen White SilverFlame...
Missioncoonery, I don't know if you have the possibility to visit CES. If so - and provided the speakers are not just on display - you could have a listen at what is state-of-the-art in three different price sections
Hi All

I ll definetely agree with Geopolitis.Tidal by way too far..
Does anybody know the european price of the pianos and piano ceras?
Is there any significant difference in the u.states price?
Thanks for any help
Coincident Pure Referance Extremes.
Accuton mid and tweeter with dual side firing Nomex woofers
Tonally fantastic with all the resolution ceramics are known for.
They sing on a mere 8 watts, but I have heard them with 300watt ss with wonderful results as well. I haven't heard anything that I like better.