whom do i get to fix a ground loop hum?

is it the cable guy(i heard) or do i need an electrician? thanks, d. p.s. i am using cheater plugs now but they only diminish the hum. thanks!
You need to install a ground isolator on the cable TV coax. The Mondial Magic Block cost $90 at AudioAdvisor. I know there are other vendors that manufacture a similar device for less money.


The Magic is a surefire solution in most cases. It works better than most other fixes because it does not degrade the signal strength of the CATV.
The Magic is a better solution in many, but not all, cases. It worked for me for years but seemed to interfere with my DMX reception. However, when I removed it, the hum returned. My cable technician, despite professing ignorance of anything like cable-related ground loops, did agree to relocate and link the cable ground to the main ground.

Voila! No need for the Magic box or any other. No hum, either.

Kal (who prefers to fix the problem, not cover it up)
I am using this:

It has cleared up the hum on my home stereo (with cable box) and on my PC's speakers (cable modem). However, it messes with the Comcast digital music channels. I am trying find out why...
Re: http://www.jensen-transformers.com/datashts/vrd1ff.pdf

I just spoke with a Tech at Jensen. He advised me to move the transformer closer to the outside feed. I removed the wall plate and installed it behind there. The DMX channels came back!!!!

PS It's only $60.
thanks men, i do prefer the issue to be fixed, not just covered, but, who knows if the cable tech will be willing or even know how to change the ground link. i will contact them. if not, the magic will be the solution, thank you all bcuz i was not aware of the product.
You can get a CALRAD isolation transformer (CALRAD part 75-5040) for less
than $6 (not $60 !!!), works like a charm and is used by several people on
Agon and Asylum.

For some reason all previous threads where it has been recommended have
been removed. Anyway, I ordered mine from a local electronic shop and it
took 2 weeks to arrive. You can find several online sellers by using Google.

Good luck!

Does the CALRAD have the badwidth to pass a digital signal?


Will the Calrad 75-504 allow digital signals to pass through it?

The Jensen has a Freq Range of 2 - 1300 MHz, where the Calrad 75-504-DC DC Ground Blocker & Isolation Transformer has a Freq Rance of 54 - 890 MHZ.

Sorry for the incomplete information earlier: From the Calrad manual: "
Although the CALRAD 75-504 can actually meet the basic frequency response
requirements ..., the relection coefficient ... is not low enough at the
frequency extremes to prevent long cable runs from introducing ripples in the
response that disrupt the digital communication. ... . For this reason, we do
not recommend trying to use the 75-504 for either Digital Set top cable
boxes or broadband cable modems. It will not harm the system in any way if
you do try it to see if it will work"

More from the CALRAD manual:

Insertion loss: 1.5dB
Frequency: 5 MHz - 1000 MHz

I only had it connected with regular (analog cable) where it worked great. I
have not tried it with digital cable. I am really not that much of a TV person, I
only get the very basic, local 10 channel package. Not even close to the
digital 100+ channel package.
Excellent. For the past 6 years I've simply had to unplug the cable every time I turned on the main amp -- the ground loop hum is so loud it's almost painful. I've gotten so used to just unplugging it, I forgot to keep looking for a better solution. Getting a blocker on the coaxial line coming in (as apposed to the rat-shack variant that is RCA) would be super fine.
In my case, I have 3 dedicated outlets for audio only and I was still getting hum when I plugged mono amps to each outlet and preamp/CDP to third outlet.
By simply plugging preamp/CDP to the same outlet as one of amp, hum got reduced significantly.
Also Device called Groun Zero from Granite Audio is available.
But do not know how it needs to be installed ir works.