whole house surge protector?

I have dedicated lines (nice improvment). We are now in a situation of having to upgrade our circuit box (heavy up).

The electrician is recommending a whole house surge protector which many on this site have recommended. It is not a particularly costly item.

I use power conditioners in my system (Adept Response) both because they have improved the sound AND the offer surge protection.

Several audiophile friends and retailers have suggested I try my tubed preamp and my amplifiers plugged directly into the wall. I have never been willing to try this as we have a terrible power grid here in Washington DC suburbs (Maryland) and there are lots of surges and we lose power all the time with thunder storms and ice storms and.... you name it.

So: two questions (1) does a whole house surge protector harm sonics in any way; (2) if I have a whole house surge protector, at that point, it seems the experiment (plugging components directly into the wall and seeing if the power conditioners are really helpful or harmful) is feasible.

Does this make sense?

Thanks for your help.

Check out an Environmental Potentials (I think the model is) 2050. Installed on your panel it not only protects your audio equipment (and every other thing that is plugged in at home) but also eliminates hash and grunge in your AC lines. I have one installed on my 200amp panel with a dedicated 20amp line to a spread of four Porter Ports behind my rack. All my equipment gets plugged directly into the outlets--no conditioner, no nothing, sounds great. The EP ain't cheap though--about $500.
Ep-2050 is the ticket,search the archives.
Like the two previous posters, I strongly recommend the EP-2050. In addition to protecting against surges it lowers the noise floor by removing hash and other distortion coming in on the lines as well as the stuff placed on your house lines by the various and many in-house devices that are plugged in. In addition, I use several parallel filters and passive conditioners and have found Alan Maher's circuit breaker filters quite effective.

If I were limited to a single device, it would be the EP-2050.
who sells the EP 2050?

I can't believe I am just noticing this:

so it sounds like the EP 2050 - if claims are true - renders high priced tweaky power line conditioners obsolete?

Re "aint cheap" I thought people around here spent hundreds if not thousands on voodoo conditioning and surge protection sold by audiophile brands.

Count me in for an EP2050 if all true.
All --

Thanks for your responses. Most appreciated. I will look into the EP2050. I must say my reaction is similar to Cwlondon's.
Winoguy17,there is an Agon member who sells the Environmental Potential line of products that you may give you a sale price.I cannot remember his name though you should be able to get info off the main website.
I bought mine direct--just Google the company and give them a call. I dealt with the owner (cannot remember his name). Excellent guy, easy sale and great support.
i wrote about the EP 2050 in a prior issue of Positive Feedback; audiophiles should take note.

it does not preclude the use of:
a) dedicated lines (for current delivery)
b) power conditioners (my weishi still works magic in vs out of the system, but it works on noise levels between netutral & ground)
c) R-C networks installed in house to remove home-generated noise (think: microwave, router, PC, TV, etc)


my power is fantastic with these items, and doesn't go up & down throughout the day (as it used to)...each item above does a different thing..the EP, in addition to protecting your whole damn house, does very well at removing incoming noise from the 0ga line from the street.

to get good power, address 1) incoming noise from street, 2) noise generated in your home at the source, and 3) noise between neutral & ground. do this, you'll be amazed...

the EP 2050 is highly recommended.
For anyone not having the budget for a EP 2050 would one of these two be a good option




Would either effect sonics such as maybe strangling current delivery such as I have found with other upstream devices I have tried.
Frank -- it turns out it is really hard to get an EP 2050. I tried contacting the company directly and the distributor. Long story but, after talking to a dealer who used to sell them (and stopped because he didn't see the reason to do it anymore) it became clear to me that these units are not much different from similar units that sell for less. After consulting with my Audiophile electrician (he's a sound man and an audiophile), I determined that the Leviton unit (and there are plenty of others) will work just as well. The unit I bought is still considerably nicer than the stock units that most electricians install for this purpose.
What is the particular model of the Leviton that you purchased?
It is good to see that many of us recognize the terrible potential for tragidty when it comes to power line issues. First of all, we are all on a 'party line' that encompasses noise brought in from a wide area. But just as important is the potential for trouble from the line itself, being affected by enviromental issues or power company issues(please excuse my spelling, no spell check available). Anyway, the way I feel about the issue is that a whole house protector is essential in todays power situation. And just as important, it is placed closer to the potential trouble, giving abtter chance of protection.
Maxsound2000, I bought this unit:

Leviton 51120-1