Whole house surge protection

I'm thinking of having an electrician install one of these devices at the service entrance of my house. I get frequent thunder storms. Does anyone know what these are made of? Do they use inductors? Reason I'm asking is I do not want any device that can limit dynamics of my audio system. I've looked into ZeroSurge, SurgeX, etc that use SMP, which seem to be ideal compared to devices using MOVs. But all of these use inductors..and some who have used this type of technology have complained of dynamic restriction and collapsing of soundstage. Thanks.

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Moved to a new home 3 weeks ago and have just installed an upgraded dedicated circuit. Main panel is Cutler-Hammer CH series with copper bus bar, subpanel is GE Master Load Center with copper bus-bar. The subpanel is tied to the main with massive 6/4 conduit and I'm using 10/2 Romex (for now,...other options too pricey at 16-25 dollars per foot, with 5 outlets I needed about 150 feet of cable) BUT I have installed an Environmental Potentials EP-2050 on the main house panel to protect everything and an EP-2750 Ground Filter on the dedicated circuit. I have heard nothing but good things about the EP units and that combined with the copper busbar panels should be a nice upgrade in the entire system's sound....very excited to hear the result once i finish unpacking! I'll still be using my Purepower 2000 on the system as a whole but may go straight into the wall for my Edge amp and amps in the Legacy Aeris towers. Ultimately I think I'll move to a Running Springs Audio Dmitri but time will tell if this move can happen....
I know what you are talking about; up until a couple weeks ago, I still had my 5088W (only made for less than a year) Samsung DLP; it was an outstanding TV and still put up a great picture but the bulbs and color wheels were beyond pricey (IMHO). I recently upgraded to the new Samsung 8550 series of 4K UHD LED displays and am wow'ed by the 2D and 3D video quality that LED TV turns in. The nice side benefit of installing the 2050 on the main house panel is that the LED TV in the main room got even crisper and the colors a bit more realistic (hard to believe given how good the set is OOTB) so I am extremely happy with the EP products install. As I just wrote on another thread, in the first 2 days of listening, even with the system having been boxed for almost a month, this new circuit, panel, EP product setup results in a circuit that is whisper quiet; my system came up from cold start with a vengeance and sounds great even before being fully into the first 1-2 days of warmup. I'm very glad I took this chance and did all this; it was well worth it!