Whole house surge protection/voltage regulation

I just completed my new listening room and heve installed four dedicated lines for my audio gear. Rather than get four seperate AC units from PS Audio or the like (which may be current limiting on my power amps, and be pretty expensive anyway)I am looking for something that can be installed at my service panel to control/protect all four lines. I would love to find something that would combine surge protection and give me a constant 120 volts without breaking the bank.

Does such an animal exist? I have a freind who is an electrician and could do the install, so that is not an issue. If anyone has any experience please help.

You can try www.squareD.com. Although, I don't know how their devices would effect your equipment sonically.
My whole home surge protector is not very refined. It will and has kept me from ever blowing a fuse/surge protector inside my house. However, it does nothing for line conditioning. Furthermore, it has much higher tolerances than something like a Richard Gray.
Finally, most whole house protectors will not protect you from internal problems, ie your air conditioner compressor burns up and blows everything inside the house.
My unit was $400 plus installation.
Get a Sola CV series commercial voltage controller. Controls voltage to a couple of percent and also works as a surge protector. I have a 5kv Sola protecting my system. Any VA that you can pay for. This is what commercial labs use. Sometimes available on Ebay. Note, however, that the best of these types of systems are no more than about 94% efficient, turning the 6% into heat. Why not use a Sola only on your audio/video dedicated lines and install a high amp disconnect switch before the CV? That way you don't have the Sola generating heat and using watts when not needed.
APC has something they call their PanelMount series. You can find more information at


I would suggest that you DO NOT use a Sola type CV Transformer. The way these devices work is to ferro-resonate with a capacitor that is built into the unit and their output voltage. They have lots of harmonic distortion, good line regulation, Ok load regulation up to their rating and then their output voltage falls off.
Does anyone out there use any of the APC products????
They look good but I am certainly no electrical engeneer.

P.S. Thanks for all of the responses