Whole House Surge Protection…recommendations!

I am considering a surge protection solution for the whole house in my main breaker box. I also have two dedicated 15A lines for my audio room. In a recent discussion @maxwave recommended a Siemens whole house protection device. Based on Siemens recommendation (where I live), Siemens FS140 model fits the bill. 

The other product comes to mind is Environmental Potentials EP-2050 at twice the cost. Is there another product I should consider before hiring an electrician?

Thank you!


Thank you @carlsbad ​​& @cleeds. I appreciate your feedback. I am all set with power conditioning between my system and wall-outlet so I won’t be changing anything there. 

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I live in North Florida, and I can tell you that having surge suppression will not guarantee anything.  Several years ago I lost two computers and a TV.  The brand-name surge suppressor company DID reimburse me for the losses, per their guarantee.  

My brother, who lives a few miles away from me is still in the process of repairing/replacing appliances in his house from lightning a month ago, and he has "whole house" protection installed in his 200 amp panel.  The power company, Gulf Power, had to replace a large section of his service entrance.

If lighting strikes near you, all bets are off.

I unplug ALL my audio gear the moment I hear any thunder.  I am also a ham radio operator and I unplug the coax cable coming in from my antenna, and throw it out the window!

I have used the Environmental Potentials 2050 for the past 10 years. No issues and clean, quiet power. Highly recommended!

Siemens and this product :

were recommended to me by Dave from PI Audio Group

It was 2 or 3 years ago
( Uber Buss power conditioner )