Whole house setup

I’m new to the forum and the world of audio products not sold at best buy. I have a number of different receivers, amps, speakers and turntables in my house and I’m hoping somebody could help me with the best possible setup per room. By the way, I have a small home (1400 sq ft) so that should give you some indication to room sizes, etc. So here goes...

In the living/family room, I have a Harman Kardon AVR 125 with 5.1 bose speakers. I have PSB Image 5t speakers hooked up to a technics sa-ax540 receiver  with a a vintage turntable. I’ll probably upgrade both the amp and turntable..or move other equipment around to make this all make sense. This space is used for watching movies, tv and listening to music. I'm currently getting feedback when I attempt to play a record because the phono input on the receiver is not working properly..so a preamp is probably needed.

In my office, I have a lenoxx sound sl-700 with a bose 2.1 for the "A" speakers and a pair of small sony ss-mb215 floor standing speakers for the "B" speakers. I have a computer, pono player and MCS turntable (that is pretty nice) hooked through a TEAC eq. I’m probably at least in need of a preamp in the office, and probably the family room as well..unless I move the Lenoxx sound amp..but I digress.

In the large basement, I have a vintage garrard stereophonic "console with A and B inputs with the native floor standing speakers that it came with. I also have a pair of Yamaha ns 7390 that are currently not hooked up. The basement is used for entertaining, shooting pool, watching tv/movies, listening to music. Obviously needs more sound than the upstairs rooms. Quality of sound is always important, but least important in the basement.

I recently ordered a McIntosh MA5100 to pair with the PSB speakers. I must have misread the specs sheets when I ordered it because the PSB’s are 125w 8 ohm nominal and the MA5100 is not designed to power speakers that require this much power.

So, for anyone who wouldn’t mind undertaking a layout of which equipment should go where to improve sound based on what I currently own, please reply. Last notes, I listen mainly to rock and singer/songwriters. The Klipsch Heresey 2’s are the best speakers I’ve ever heard paired with a Belles amp. I favor a bit of brightness because I have some hearing loss in the high frequencies..but obviously with rock music, I need adequate warmth.

I’m probably going to sell most of the lower end equipment and replace one piece at a time so suggestions on potential purchases would be great as well. On that tip, the "A" speakers in the office need to be physically small bases on the room layout.

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I think you are asking too many questions for anyone to really comment.  That's probably why nobody has responded.  Also, a lot of this equipment is all at the same level, so you probably won't get any variance by switching stuff around.  I will say that the Bose stuff is going to be lower end, especially the 5.1 system, and you could do a lot better with other choices (like Energy or Paradigm, or even Klipsch).
thanks @auxinput...I kinda figured. I've gone into some higher end audio places in Cleveland since posting and learned that as well. I'm going to sell most of this stuff and reconfigure. I did PSB Image 5t and McIntosh MA5100 with an MCS and grado in my office. I'm probably selling all but the Garrard and Lenoxx Sound (for at least sentimental reasons) and doing something with the two of those in the family room and basement. With additions as needed. I'm now looking to do one dedicated theater room with Klipsch...but that's going to set me back a bit so I'll have to wait. But learning that my stuff was all kind of lower end was really what I needed to know. I didn't know if there was some gold in there or not and if so, which to configure together...anyway, I've learned and I'm learning. Thanks for the help.