Whole House Audio

I am wondering what system would be best to run all the speakers in my house. All of my indoor/outdoor speakers have the speaker wires run to one location where my rack is. I use the ZONE 2 on my preamp running to a Niles speaker selector. But, I would like to be able to cotrol the volume level at each speaker location.
Each speaker location, also, has CAT-5 in the same area. I know there are many products out there (Niles, Russound, etc) where you can connect the speakers to a keypad that runs off CAT-5.
I do not want to use any amplified keypads or volume control modules. The other problem is that it may be difficult for me in a few locations to get the speaker wires to the keypad/volume control module. I could also use some sort of IR repeater, but I'm not sure what control device at the rack location would be the best.
Currently I am using an Anthem AVM-30 with an Anthem MCA-20, MCA-50 and McIntosh MC352. The McIntosh runs my fronts and the MCA-50 runs the other speakers in my HT. The MCA-20 runs the rest of the speakers in the house/outside throuogh the Niles speakers slector.
Any suggestions ??
If you do have CAT-5 run to a box in each zone the Niles distributed audio receivers w/keypads are powerful.
2 AM/FM tuners, 30 or 60 watts per channel, macro enabled keypads, IR repeater enabled keypads available, and lots of flexibility.
For some installations the Niles distribution amplifiers are a better choice. These things are veryflexible. They can handle extremly low impedances, use dip switches to dictate individual speaker content, etc.
For distributed audio you just want flexibility, ease of opperation, and durrability. When properly set up most any of the systems available are good.

Good luck!
Thanks for the suggestion. I have actually been looking at the Niles ZR-4630. But, would like to find something that is a processor only, not amplified, and be able to use my MCA-20 (2x200watts) to power everything. Does a product such as that exist ??
Not really.
You can use a single amplifier like your MCA-20 to power quite a few speakers through something like a Niles MSA-10A. This is simple and effective.

However, you will have to send the same source material to all of the speakers attached to this box. For most, myself included, this is not really an issue. Simply use the tape or 2nd zone output from your pre/pro into the amplifier and speaker level volume controls in each room.

Or with a selector box that uses attenuators you can have a master volume to turn the whole house up/down after being ballanced. An inexpensive stereo receiver with preout can serve as the preamp/tuner. I have used old prologic receivers/preamps for this purpose handily. They switch sources, often have AM/FM, and control volume all with remote controlability (and darn cheap too).

IR over CAT-5 would be a plus in either of these scenarios.

The upside to using something like the Niles amplifier or receiver is the level of flexibility. Do you need such a high degree of flexibility? I don't, most don't, you might.

Good luck!
Thanks Nerd ! (sorry, always wanted to say that :) )

I want the flexability, simply becasue the house deserves it. The current setup is just ok, and I'd like something a bit more high tech for the entire house. The ZR-4630 looks like a nice unit, and having the ability to control volume level and source material at each location is very appealing to me; plus those wall plates look cool :)
Thanks for your help and suggestions, much appreciated !!