Whoa There are too many cd-players ..need advice

Hi all :) I'm totally new here, but I like the forum, very nice :D
I'm writing here because I'm in "want to spend moneys mood", but first I'm not an expert, second there are a lots of nice players in my price range (plus or minus 1200 euros)

Take I'm mind that I don't listen Classical, Blues, Dance ecc, but mostly Electronica (Portishead, Ulver, Massive Attack, Radiohead, Sigur Ros), post-rock (Isis, Neurosis, Pelican), some good jazz (John Zorn for example), Diamanda Galas, Nick Cave, Tom Waits...and strings. I love strings!! (Yo-Yo Ma)

Bon, so I think timing, resolution ad power are the key words, but absolutley I don't want to sacrifice musicality!!! Right now I possess a NAD C542, and I like it ;)

So, Thanks in advance, sorry for my strange English and a big hug from Italy!! Any suggestion is very very appreciated! Marco

P.S. I've an intresting offer for a Bluenote Koala Tube and an Unison Research Unico CD-P, do you think they can suit my needs? Which differences between them?
If you like NAD, you'll love M-55. I have previously owned M-55. Lots of dynamics, clarity and spacious sound. It's priced right at your budget as well.
Greetings to you in Italy. Since you are over there look into North Star Design or Audio Analogue. Real gems!
Thanks for the advice!!
About the Nad, I want to change brand because I want to try something different... for the audio analogue, they are not the best for my kind of listening!!

I will search some info about the North Star Design!!

Someone knows Blueaudio Note or Unison Research (always Italian brands) products?