Who Would Have Thought?

I'm not a hammer and nails type so forgive my ignorance, but is there really a demand for this type of product?


Not that I need one, but I think it's kinda' a cool way to charge your power tools.
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Apparently you have never been to a construction job site.
These guys all use cordless tools now, and there are always at least one, and sometimes several, boomboxes going at the job sites I go to. (I am a civil engineer/land surveyor). It is so prevalent, that some of the cities have taken to banning radios from job sites to keep them from annoying the neighboring residents.
(Given the cities recent actions, these devices may become collector items. Maybe I'll buy one and hope if appreciates in value like my MFSL collection. But then again, maybe not.)
Dewalt has had a similiar product available for a few years. Charges your cordless tool batteries while you annoy the neighbors with loud music
There should be. One of my contractors has ruined two of my portable units while doing work for me. If we still had a working relationship, I think I would buy one of these for him!!


Quite a few manufacturers make a radio similar to this. DeWalt and Milwaukee to name just a few. They all charge cordless tool batteries while they play music. I work in construction. Pretty much every subcontractor I use has music on at some point. I know if I was a trade instead of a manager I would play music all day long.
You beat me to to post. I saw this item advertised in my latest issue of "This Old House".
I think it is a pretty cool idea.

I am the hammer and nails.
Something like that sure could come in handy. Especially this weekend when im pouring some concrete and putting up the Alcatraz of Dog-runs.

Lets see that husky get out of this one. >:)
Contractors, like audiophiles, have determined an optimum time for the best sonics......about 6 AM.
Amazon is selling it for $179.00; what's that, the cost of 10 CDs or so? Perhaps we can order the Michael Fremer model with the record player, that's more my speed.
Hope they bring along a keg and bikini girls, too!
thoose raidios / chargers are nice for around the house kinda stuff but they really suck on a jobsite,its very dangerous to have music playin on a construction site.

We always had a radio on when I was working construction. If you can charge your portable tools at the same time, all the better! Besides it's a good toy that the accountant won't question when he's doing your taxes, because it has the right name on the box.

Maybe they're not right for everyone. I guess you have to know your limitations. I wouldn't even consider a job where all I got to listen to was my co-workers screaming from the nails they're shooting into their hands and feet, not to mention the occasional one to the head.

I'm waiting for Krell to make a universal charger with an integrated amp and SACD player. Now there's a reason to go to work.
There was a time in my life when I would regularly visit construction sites and all I remember were extremely beat upon portable radios/boom boxes. I'm talking about things that look like they were dragged to the worksite behind the pickup and then used as a hammer. The Bosch looks like it will still look pretty good even after a couple of seasons of hard use. The only thing it's missing is a CD changer.
Given that my daughter has already fried the integrated amp I bought her for her 20th birthday, I may go this route the next time. Unfortunately, the spec sheet didn't mention how many beers can be poured on the unit before it stops working ;-)

Speaking of the spec sheet, including the braces, it's only a 14 inch cube. When I first saw the picture, I thought it would be much larger. The spec sheet is interesting -- not a thing about sound quality, not even a power rating.
dewalt & bosch & millwauke all make a portable radio/charger & they all rock & believe it or not the sound quality aint too bad.