Who would buy a Boulder 3050 amplifier?

Sorry, this is probably a completely pointless thread but I'm just simply baffled by even the existence of such incredible products and real curious about the folks who would feel the "need" to own such a component. Are these made just for bragging rights or there actually components out there - up or down the audio signal, that demand something like this piece. I'm asking this independently from the price tag because there are a lot of very expensive things out there ranging from a gold Rolex to a Ferrari and people buy temp for various reasons. Obviously a $50K Rolex will not keep time any better than a $20 Timex. Are these made to cater to the same type of consumers?
Had a chance to spend some time with a full line-up of Boulder components which I think included the 3050's(?). The full set-up retailed somewhere North of 300K. Listened to a lot of my music. I have an ultra high-end 2 channel system at home which cost perhaps a fourth of the system just mentioned. The Boulder based system did an incredible job of mining out the micro detail of every disc. Overall, however, the musicality of the system was just not there. I attribute this in part to the room and perhaps the lack of applying useful tweaks. 

Bottom-line is that there is a real point of 'diminishing returns' in this hobby and to my ear the differences were absolutely not worth the cost. In fact, I'm not sure I would swap systems if it meant living with it the rest of my days.
I've collected a full line of Boulder equipment over the last 16 years. I've find it incredibly realistic, neutral and gorgeous sounding when used with excellent cables and speakers. It is intensely detailed and musical without being harsh and without glare.  The soundstage is rock solid and remains so even with complex and loud signals.  This is an area where some fine electronics fail - the soundstage can diminish in those circumstances. Boulder equipment does need to be continuously powered up with a signal; otherwise it doesn't sound good, in my opinion.  My reference has always been live music (for me, classical music in a great concert hall).

I've heard the 3060 stereo amp and 2110 preamp in a fine system and it is fabulous.

Would I buy the 3000 series? Absolutely. I just can't afford it.
You can have a Mickey D. Burger or a 
1 in. Thick cooked pink Rib Eye there's no
Difference.     Is that what your saying??
As to the singular argument- if you can afford it, it's your decision, and
more power to you-
As long as you made your prodigious wealth honestly and show an equal amount of compassion and empathy in helping those less fortunate, by all means buy whatever you want.  But perhaps your acts of charity might move your spirit even more than the nth degree of electronic sophistication in your living room.