Who works on or upgrades/mods Merlin Audio speakers?

I've been trying to chase down some glare and sibilance in my system with Merlin MMI bookshelf speakers. Recently I changed my amp, dac and a few cables but some sibilance remains. I believe my Merlins utilize a metal dome tweeter and I'm wondering if this is the issue, or perhaps the crossover. I employ the Merlin RC Network and Jumpers. My transport is CEC belt-drive TL-51. I'm perplexed about what I need to do the eliminate the issue. My integrated amp: Exposure 2010S; dac: MHDT Orchid; power cords mostly Audience; Synergistic Research Resolution Reference digital cable; Cardas Parsec interconnects, Analysis Plus Oval 9 speaker cables.
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He really is great to work with.
I assume that you have the TSM-MMI speakers based on your bookshelf comment.  The TSM have a modified morel soft dome tweeter which is very smooth, detailed BUT not bright.  I doubt this is the source of your glare or sibilance issue.  Merlins typically perform best with tubes amplification.
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