Who will soon be going to a live concert?

A friend and I bought tickets to see Emmylou Harris on Oct. 5th in Santa Rosa CA. Proof of vaccination is required. I wouldn't go otherwise.
IMO being the partner of Rhiannon Giddens is the definition of extraordinary talent

Pre-pandemic, my spouse and I lived in Manhattan, and went frequently to hear live music.  Eerily, the last concert we attended was in March 2020 at the NY Phil, where we heard soprano Rene Fleming sing a composition by Bjork . . . entitled "Virus."

My wife left at intermission. I stayed for an uninspired Bruckner 4th.  I remember walking back to our apartment, on Broadway, one of the world's greatest thoroughfares, on a Saturday night at 10 p.m. For thirty blocks, Broadway was nearly deserted.  A harbinger . . . .

I knew then the world had changed.

As soon as possible. 
Upcoming shows
macabre - x-mas show (we try go every year)
nunslaughter. Rose tattoo ,!!!
the Casualties 

many of these great shows are scheduled during the week, so, probably will not go, up til usually after 12:00 am, up at 4:00 - 4:14 for work, at my age, it’s manageable, but don’t like it, slightly sluggish at work, and I need my wits and attention to be sharp, I’m a heavy machinery operator, many times working around laborers or other tradesmen, being sharp and aware of my surroundings is paramount. 
  Years ago, it didn’t matter, up til 3-4 am,hammered at the bars, buddies houses, go home, pass out, up at 4-ish or 5 depending on how far the job site was, sometimes, no sleep at all, home, shower, coffee, big breakfast, sober up, massive 16+ oz of V8 spicy w few dashes of pepper, sometimes a shot of vodka in the V8 if needed at 9:30 coffee break. Not all the time, once in a blue moon.

 Getting old sucks. I hope these bands will be around when I’m older, most will not I’m sure. Been a great ride for me, listening to metal since I was a pre-teen and younger. 
8 tracks/cassettes first boom box, first incarnation of what I thought was a wicked stereo, it was for a 15 year old, 
first stereo was a maroon end of bed 8track/fm/am  thick felt unit with two slide in/out soft benches. Was a great first 8track stereo as a 10 year old kid. I remember it, because, I had only a select few 8tracks which played continuous all night while I slept.   A few were billy Joel 42nd st. ....Styx grand illusion and paradise theatre,...ac/dc high voltage (us version) Kiss destroyer,...few others which slip my mind, few years later my cousin moved, and gave me his box of 8tracks, I still have toe box in the basement. 
Wow, can I ramble huh?

 Anyway, will try to hit the weekend shows!
if they want that mask BS, I simply not go. Will call the venue to ask, most wil not do the mask tripe crapola!

I saw Emmylou Harris about a month ago,

Hi bob540, How was the Emmylou concert.  I don't think I'd want to see her at this point, her voice is too far gone for me.

I know that some people feel that a raspy, weathered voice equals more character, but I'm not one of them.  I much prefer the beautiful voice she once had.  If others feel differently that's fine with me, though, to each his own.
What I meant by measles, polio, hepatitis and why is Covid different is that the vast majority of us have been normally getting vaccines for these three and many others for decades and all those and many more have been well under control because it is normal and well accepted to be vaccinated. Why is it that there is so much resistance the Covid vaccine? They were and are hailed as miracles.
It is selfish and stupid to not be vaccinated. And why is there so much resistance to such a small and easy thing as wearing a mask?
I would love to feel safe to go to live concerts. They were highlights of life. We had such a small window of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Now lost because of Delta and politics.