Who Was Your Favorite One Hit Wonder

What was your favorite one hit wonder song, and who performed it? You can name one or a few.

I loved (and still do) "Voices Carry" performed by Till Tuesday.

C'mon. Put on your thinking caps.
I think the groups name is Ah-ha the songs name was "take me on" it was a revolutionary music video for its time, and the song is as 80's as it gets!
For classical music it is Paul Dukas' "The Sorcerers Apprentice".
Mickey Mouse made it famous. LOL!

I read that even Mr. Dukas thought it was the only thing he wrote that was worth considering to be called a mini masterpiece (which it is)....
Dont leave me this way by THELMA HOUSTON,not WHITNEY.She only had that one hit and did not even make a LP.It came out in a large 45 and the other side of the disc was the COMMODORES.Truly a one hit wonder.
Wang Chung - "Dance Hall Days" (I think)
Falco - Some Euro/Techno/German thing kind of like "Cars" by Gary Nuemann
And let's not forget Milli Vanilli
One more:
Vanilla Ice - "Ice Ice Baby"