Who was this "band" ???

Some of you might remember a show that ran on EmptyVee back in the mid 80's called "The Young Ones". After the Young Ones ended, a couple of the guys from the show were in another show about a hard rock band. I can't remember the name of the show or the band and that is what is driving me crazy. For some reason, i keep wanting to say that the band was a bunch of "has-beens" aka "Spinal Tap", but much harder and current sounding. From what i can recall, this band even did a real live musical tour of America.

Can anybody remember what the name of this band was and if the show that i am talking about was a series or a one-off movie / skit ? I know that some of you "aging derelicts" have to have seen this and know what i'm talking about, so we'll see who survived their youth and is still the most coherent : ) Sean
Wasn't the band Bad Taste?
I think the band was "Bad News." I saw a listing on Amazon.
It predated Spinal Tap and was an 80's BBC TV Show called The Comic Strip Presents The Bad News Tour.
The Comic Strip Presents was an alternative comedy outfit who did one off parodys of several British institutions or topical subjects.
As I remember they were hit or miss with this one not being particularly great.
A web search should show if it's available.
I doubt you are right about the tour Sean but I'm not certain.
...BTW the complete Young Ones is available on Amazon......if you need some good presents for the holidays!!!
Thanks guys. It obviously was "Bad News". As to Ben's comments, i specifically remember seeing "Bad News" as being advertised at playing at The Cabaret Metro here in Chicago just after that show aired. I'm going to have to do some digging and see if it was the same band and if they actually did "play" or at least appear there. Sean
Thank god I'm not the only one that watched those shows...

I never saw "Bad News", but the "Young Ones" was hilarious.
A hippie, a punk, a "yuppie" etc. Now there's a timeless concept for a sitcom......if only our networks weren't so lame and unimaginative.