Who was this jazz singer?

Back during last year's (pro?) football season, one of the stations (and NO, I don't remember which one) had a jazz singer performing in the studio during their pregame or half-time show. A couple of songs only, including some great scat. She was probably between 18-30 years old, dressed like a hippie, longer, light-colored hair. I think I remember that she wasn't wearing shoes. She had 3-4 older musicians behind her, seasoned pros from what I could gather.

So the thing is, I thought she was so good, that I assumed I'd be seeing more of her. When I first saw Joss Stone perform, I thought maybe that was her, but I've never heard her sing as hot, and from what I've seen Joss isn't exactly JAZZ.

Any ideas of who I might have seen? I've done web searches, and asked people, but with no results. Help!
Wasn't that Janet Jackson?

LOL. That was unexpected. No! Definitely not Ms. Jackson. This was in the studio, and it was not a big star.
jewel maybe?
Heheh, sorry I couldn't resist.

Actually, I did a Google on the parameters you mentioned [NFL, halftime, jazz, singer, female] and came up with Jeri Brown.

From your physical description I don't think it's her, but after visiting her website I'm interested in hearing this lady sing.


From a physical standpoint, Jay may be much closer, but didn't you say this singer WASN'T well known? The only other singer I can think of who performs barefoot is Sade.
Wa it Norah Jones? I could easily imagine her "dressed like a hippie and barefooted". She also plays with a group of seasoned musicians.

I.e. when did you hear this, do you remember any of the tunes, etc. The more info you can give the better results back you may get.

I have no idea who it might actually have been, but Sarah McLachlan performs barefoot.
I'm pretty sure you are referring to the evil twin, Jazz Stone.