Who was Peg?

The song "Peg" by Steely Dan off of the AJA album is about whom?
It won't answer your question, but this site will have you asking a lot more questions.
I dont know but I know who Rikki is
The link was interesting but obviously there is more information available. I base my response mostly on the link'sinterview's one sentence about "My Old School". Do a Google search on "My Old School" and Steely Dan and you'll find a bunch of stuff.

It seems that Fagan's and Becker's old school is indeed implied by "Annandale". Both of the Steely Dan guys went to Bard College in Annandale-On-Hudson in New York. Or maybe they mean "Annandale" in northern Virginia. After all, they do mention the College of William and Mary, which is in Williamsburg, Virginia. But many New Yorkers go to school there (or did in my day).
Damn, Qdrone, I was listening to that song the other day, and I was wondering the same thing! I'll have to listen again, now. And thanks for the link, Onhwy61
Former President Ronald Reagan called her "The best man in England" Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.
Yeah, but do you know who Dr. Wu is?
I don't even know who Onhwy61 is...
Wu's on first?
Donald Fagen was big into cribbage, that's all. No great mystery. Michael McDonald couldn't get the harmony right on "parcheezee", so made the switch.
I noticed that the vocals on Peg come from the left side of the stage. Aren't they usually centered? I initially thought there was something wrong with my system but verifyied that there wasn't by swapping channels in Sound Forge. After that the vocals came from the right side of the stage. Isn't that unusual? Most vocals on the discs I have are centered.
Peg is the wife of Al Bundy.
Yes most of the vocal balance on Peg is on the left side. However as the recording progresses the vocals move more towards the center and at the end of Josie the vocals are predominantly on the right.

If you play it backwards..... well you'll just have to hear it for yourself.
You have a 65 Mustang, too?
What track are you talking about playing backwards? It's easy with Sound Forge. I'd like to try it!
I have three 65 Mustangs and I was pulling your leg. Sorry.
...and a separate name for your retail operation, eh, 'stang?

Qdrone sez: "Former President Ronald Reagan called her "The best man in England" Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher."

You must have watched the 1979 in music show that was on the television last week - though they were not implying that the Dan's Peg was Maggy Thatcher, of course.

Above all, it's your very foreign movie.....
Never heard of the show mejo, I get most of my music trivia from FM radio Jonesy's Jukebox, Richard Blade and another one that ones in the morning on Sunday for three hours when I'm driving in from Palm Springs.