Who wants to return to the previous Audiogon list format?

I do!!!
I agree that their new look sucks and is irritating, but you don't have to live with it. You can change it.  Search for an item, and when you are presented with all of those gottverdamt "keyhole" views, you get a drop down in the upper right.  Drop it down, click on "Classic View" and then you get the lists, just like we like.  I hope that helps.
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The keyhole view devalues everything, creates unecessary frustration, and diminishes the look and feel of Audiogon.

I don't know who Audiogon hired for their marketing team but clearly they didn't take Marketing 101 and whoever approved it and made the decision to throw the switch has little expertise in this area.

It's like New Coke.
@stevecham @falconquest @jbrrp1 @degnanje @addyson815

We understand some users do not prefer the new layout.

You can always go back to our Classic view and this option is on our search page right next to the Sort by option.

Please contact us at support if you need further assistance.


But do you really engage with and understand our concerns that the new look actually interferes with proper search and discovery, which, if you are a Seller, is definitely a concern.  It truly seems like a mistake that will disrupt transaction traffic, IMO.
I agree with the above posters as I don't like it either too cumbersome and not user friendly.

Folks they already went back. Just click on the classic look.  All is good. 
@grannyring  Bill, it only applies for the main listing pages. If one clicks on the dealer stores, for example, the page result reverts to the porthole view. 

Audiogon should implement the 'Classic View' across the site.

Another example is the newly introduced 'PM' link off of a post, but not off of the Opening Post by the OP. It isn't offered and what you have there is what was in place before these changes.

Having multiple and inconsistent approaches, is not helpful.

There is an upside...it takes more brain energy...which helps shave a partial of a calorie and likely pushes back age related decline by a fraction of a second each time. 😄

copying @tammyholt on this in case it is of value to those involved with making choices in this area.
Admin, You said: " You can always go back to our Classic view and this option is on our search page right next to the Sort by option."
So why not go back to the classic version and make the new version an option. That would be one way of gauging the acceptance of it now wouldn't it?

I tried exactly as you suggested and it didn’t work. I used to be able search product categories by a search term for example select Preamps then subcategory tubes and then add a search term like McIntosh. I can no longer do that - the search function isn’t available even in the classic view. Your new system is very different and difficult to use. I don’t bother to look anymore. 

Frankly your our attitude just about sums it up, “quit whining” is what I read.
The new format is VERY STUPID Audiogon WAKE UP DUDES!!!!!!!HELLO!!!!!!!Nobody likes this junk but Audiogon don't care!!
I do not like the new view. I literally can't tell what I'm looking at. 

The keyhole views are useless. 
If that is your concern, then why are you wasting your time on this site, and in particular, reading this thread?