Who uses Xover in mono-amp system?

My mains can handle down to about 35hz, but sometimes I wonder about they stress involved with it has to handle stuff below that. Anyone use a crossover, like the Paradigm X30, to help the mains from stressing out? If so, how do you connect it?\

By the way, although a powered subwoofer and one amp are bi-amping in theory, I am considering it a mono-amp system for this discussion.
hi matchstikman,
i'm using a tri-amp monoblock setup with (2) three way mono active x-overs. in this case i chose a dod RS 835 over the rane AC 22 these both being pro gear, sacrificing with the interfacing of a 1/4 to rca adapter. sound is very satisfing, with the ability of dialing the freq crossovers with ease and not having to changeout modules. they have individual gains and a master gain.

using ess heil air motion tweeters/ASL WAV 8's highs
audire image IV planars/audire noble I for mids
chicago speakerworks suriano subs/crown DC300A lows

might wanta do a search (google)of these two perticular crossovers (2way stereo/3 way mono) which are full of useful functions. the prices are very do-able also. kurt

If I understand your question, you're asking about using an electronic crossover, stereo amp and two speakers? You could do that: connect your sources to the pre-amp and the pre-amp to the electronic crossover. Send the high-pass output of the x-over to the power amp and then connect your speakers. Your electronic x-over will now be acting like a sub-sonic filter, eliminating deep bass from the signal and protecting your speakers below 35 Hz (or whatever setting you choose).

Remember though, you'll have no output below the x-over cut-off frequency. If you want that bass back, you'll have to add another amp and subwoofer(s).

I had similar concerns about my planar speakers handling percussion recordings (Mickey Hart's "Dafos" in particular). I added dynamic woofers to the system powered by a second stereo amp through an electronic crossover. I am quite satisfied with the result.