Who Uses Rear Surround Speakers For Music Playback?

I feel a very slight surround fill improves music playback. Similar to a subwoofer I set it low enough that you can't point to the sound source. I've found the smallest/affordable speakers in the rear are able to make a noticeable difference. What is your opinion on this subject?
For me it's a NO. But whatever sounds good to you.
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I think it really has to do with the source material. Some music sounds great up mixed to surround. If you can adjust the center fill on your pre/amp or receiver in Dolby Music setting you can really get some good results. One of my favorite albums to listen to in this mode is Radiohead's Kid A.
I use the rear speakers and center when I listen to classical multi channel music. Some that are recorded well are fabulous. Some not so much. It depends on whether the recording was actually made that way.