Who thinks they got the best deal on Audiogon?

Not sure if this has been asked before, if it has, haven't seen it in a while. What component did you get at Audiogon and how much did you pay for it? For me, bought a pair of Von Schweikert surrounds for $220 and ARC LS3 for $540.
The best deal I have had is a pair of Magnepan IIb with new socks, for $200 from a local dealer.
The best deal on the goN' was my last big purchase, a Audio Research PH-2... which I had been wanting for over a year, and the ad, and my money occured on the same day.
Whoo Hoo!
Sounds great and is a lifetime keeper.
Actually, I have been satisfied with all transactions here on Agon, both as a buyer and as a seller, although there was one unpleasant experience with a dealer (no names!) who is considered to be a jerk by many members here.

I try to both buy and sell at a fair price, never trying to "skin" anyone, and in return, I don't expect to get "skinned" when buying.

I consider this a community of like-minded audiophile "parterres", much different than a general and impersonal marketplace.
My best deal was a pair of Sony branded inline moving coill transformers for 20 bux on EBAY; they are made by Ortofon. Ortofon sold the same exact things as Ortofon branded; think there was a fellow trying to sell his in original packaging ( have original sony packaging) for 150

such a deal

they are pretty good for the price but no way they compete with a proper tranny like a Cotter
The best deal is always the component that totally clicks with your system and listening bias and takes you to the next level.
I got a great deal on a long (32') pair of NBS Statement XLR cables and sent them off to be shortened and re-terminated with the remainder used to get several smaller pairs as well to wire my entire system. It would have cost a fortune to get all these cables separately.

And way to go Elizabeth on the PH2. I owned one of these for 8+ years and loved it. This is by far the most neutral ARC product and quite a sleeper in the product line. Check out the SilverAudio SilverBreeze balanced cable. This too was a huge step up from the ARC Litz balanced tonearm cable.

The best deal I've gotten here has got to be the plethora of advice I've gotten, free of charge and offered without reservation or alterior motives of any kind, from any one I've spoken with. I hope I can live up to the high standards set by all who've helped me in the past and will undoubtably in the future.
I think I got the best deal. I've had my current CD player for over three years now and couldn't be happier. I think that speaks volumes for value. $$$ ;) Top that!

I have gotten some killer deals, but I wouldn't want to embarass anyone by crowing about them. On the other hand, I have sold some stuff far less than full value, just because I wanted to sell quick and wasn't that concerned about price.
Most of the time I've bought and sold at what seems to be a fair price.
Overall, the fact that I have been able to build a quality system at far less than retail from purchases on audiogon is very satisfying.
the best deal ive ever saw on agon is the guy who sells matched quads of gold lion kt 88's for $399.