Who thinks $5K speaker cable really better than generic 14AWG cable?

I recently ordered high end speaker, power amp, and preamp to be installed in couple more weeks. So the next search are interconnect and speaker cable. After challenging the dealer and 3 of my so called audiophile friends, I think the only reason I would buy expensive cable is for its appearance to match with the high end gears but not for sound performance. I personally found out that $5K cable vs $10 cable are no difference, at least not to our ears. Prior to this, I was totally believe that cable makes a difference but not after this and reading few articles online.

Here is how I found out.

After the purchase of my system, I went to another dealer to ask for cable opinion (because the original dealer doesn't carry the brand I want) and once I told him my gears, he suggested me the high end expensive cable ranging from $5 - 10K pair, depending on length. He also suggested the minimum length must be 8-12ft. If longer than 12ft, I should upgrade to even more expensive series. So I challenged him that if he can show me the difference, I would purchase all 7 AQ Redwood cables from him.

It's a blind test and I would connect 3 different cables - 1 is the Audioquest Redwood, 1 is Cardas Audio Clear, and 1 my own generic 14AWG about 7ft. Same gears, same source, same song..... he started saying the first cable sound much better, wide, deep, bla...bla...bla......and second is decently good...bla...bla...bla.. and the last one sounded crappy and bla...bla...bla... BUT THE REALITY, I NEVER CHANGED THE CABLE, its the same 14AWG cable. I didn't disclosed and move on to second test. I told him I connected audioquest redwood but actually 14AWG and he started to praise the sound quality and next one I am connected the 14awg but actually is Redwood and he started to give negative comment. WOW!!!! Just blew me right off.

I did the same test with 3 of my audiophile friends and they all have difference inputs but no one really got it right. Especially the part where I use same generic 14awg cable and they all start to give different feedback!!!

Have you ever done a listening comparison to divergent types of wires in a highly resolving audio system?  In my 40+ years as an audiophile I can honestly say I have, including in blind tests when I had no idea what cable I was listening to and it really isn't that hard to hear a difference.  The only relevant question is... what sound do you prefer??

Hifiman: read this entire thread, my previous posts and Roger Russell’s article and you will find your question to me superfluous.
sautan904, I will not waste my time with all of the nonsense in posts here, but there is absolutely no question that the High Fidelity 'Pro' cables surpass all other cables, especially if HFCables are used with them on a decent system. Unfortunately, the 'Pro' are $35k for a 1 m pair!!!!

Yes there are cheaper ones at $1000 that I have no heard, but I have heard all the series in between. 

There is some truth to what you say, however. There are some expensive speaker wires that look great but aren't and some cheap cables that are better than others.
dynaquest4 said:
" Hifiman: read this entire thread, my previous posts and Roger Russell’s article and you will find your question to me superfluous."

Yea, like this thread and the decades old info contained in it, is worth the time. Seven pages and 300+ posts, I'd rather spend the time listening to my expensive speaker cables.... ;-)