Who still sells NOS Telefunken 6922's?

These tubes are getting VERY hard to find. It seems like many tube dealers are running out or have already run out. Others, like Kevin Deal of Upscale Audio, will sell only to customers who have bought a product from their store which requires these tubes. Does anyone know a reputable tube dealer with reasonable prices who still stocks these tubes? I have a CAT Ultimate which requires 6 6922's and 4 12AX7's to completely retube. What other brands (NOS or otherwise) have a similar sonic signature and perhaps will still be available 5 years from now? No Sovtek's, please! Thanks
I have four Telefunken 6922 that I bought from Kevin Deal. They are in original Telefunken boxes, gold pin, with Kevins test stickers. They have been run only long enough to prove they would not fail out of the box, then were put in my tube stock drawer. I would sell them at what I paid if you need them. I do not currently have equipment that requires them.
You can get them on eBay - but you take a risk. I have bought a lot of tubes this way and I would say 3 out of every 4 tubes bought are great. Personally I find Telefunken made great 12AX7 and 12AU7, but I am not keen on their 6922 - among various problems I found vocals to be a bit pinched and nasally. The best 6922 I have heard is the Amperex - I recommend the Holland ones only. Again, these are available on eBay.
Redkiwi; Are the Amperex 6922s, Holland mfg. the same as the "Bugle Boys" you've recommended? Rayhall, hope you don't mind me using your thread. Thanks. Craig
Not at all, Craig. Thanks Albert. I'll be sending you an email to discuss it further. Redkiwi: I've used Ebay to buy about 15 tubes in four separate transactions. At least half have had heavy tube rush, ringing or I have found the tubes to be lacking in dynamics. I have had no outright DOA's, but I really feel you are taking a big risk buying tubes on Ebay. Have I just had bad luck? What are other people's experiences buying on Ebay?
By the way, I've tried Amperex (Holland) 6922's in an old Audio Research SP-9. They sounded pretty bright even after 30 hours use. I sent those tubes packing along with the preamp. Never tried them in the CAT. Are they really bright or was it just that god-awful preamp?
There is a place in Chicago called Triode Electronics (773) 871-7459 that often has difficult to find tubes. Their prices are very reasonable, and the guys who run the place really know their stuff. They keep odd hours and are sometimes tough to reach, but I have found it worthwhile to keep trying. I have been buying from them for years and have only ever had 1 problem with a malfunctioning tube. They replaced it immediately without question. If they don't have the exact tube you want, they can often recommend alternatives that are sonically similar.
Hey Mr Rayhall, I own a CAT MK-3, and i'm happy to report that i have tried quiet a few 6922 tubes... the Amperex sound really good, i must say , but after some 5 or 6 pairs tried, i couldn't use not one of em'because of microphonics or spitting.. The Philips sound very good with low noise, very low microphonics, clear good choice. I have had Siemens, Telefunky's Mullard's and a couple of others, but ALMOST all were [too] microphonic, and/or noisy. although good sounding ! [N.O.S all] So, i refer to my CAT as "the tube tester" you will want to agree with that.. The new SOVTEK's with black print are no good i agree, they don't sound good, and they will break down soon. But what's surprising here.. I got hold on some older stock SOVTEK's from the early seventies...Boy, are they good. NOT as good sounding as the AMPEREX, but very low noise, NO microphonics, and a very detailed although a bit forward sound, just on the bright side..you can cope with that by replacing the ECC 83's for MULLARD's... it's a goood combo, try it' As i live in Holland,the country of origin for these tubes, I can tell you that even here it is hard to find NOS Amperex,Siemens, [Philips is not so hard to find], So be happy if you happen to have a pristine sounding and quiet pair in your CAT workin'!! Recommend the Philips and NOS Sovteks though. E-mails from fellow CAT owners welcome on this subject... Enjoy the music, Ron.
Sorry Craig, I did not see your post. The Bugle Boys are made in Holland, but so too are other Amperex labels like the World label. The downside as mentioned above is noise, but they are still the only 6922 I would put in, say, the Sonic Frontiers Line 1 or Line 2. Find a good dealer to select some low noise ones (and pay a lot - probably).
I should have mentioned. The only Holland 6922 is the PQ - there are no Bugle Boy 6922 tubes. The other Holland tubes I referred to are 6DJ8 - compatible with the 6922.