Who still repairs Naim Nait 1 integrateds?

I recently purchased a Naim Nait 1 which needs servicing, possibly repair (I am not sure about some of the sounds produced by this small box), yet when I called Naim USA I found out they no longer service nor repair these units (Nait 1) owing to age, lack of available parts, etc...

Does anybody know of a good tech who can still work on these?

Thank you for your advice.
Any good tech can probably work on it.

My favorite tech is Bill Thalmann of Music Technology.


Bill was technical director at Conrad Johnson for 25 years.

You can ship I assume or where do you live?
I don't mean to hijack this thread, but does anyone else find it somewhat reprehensable that a high end company wouldn't service their own gear due to age? I understand the parts issue, and that usually comes into play with CD players, etc. But amplifiers - unless the board is destroyed, aren't we just talking about resistors, capacitors, etc? In this case, I don't buy the parts argument and feel a manufacturer should stand behind their products (not to say they can't earn $$ during repair).

Have you thought of contacting a few Naim dealers? They might have a good source.

There are a few companies that will only service their products to the original registered owner. Other companies only do warranty repairs, but they all usually have a referral for out of warranty or other misc repairs. I am surprised Naim does not have a referral source.
There is an ad on ebay offering service to older Naim kit. Somewhere in Washington I believe.
Hawthorne Stereo.
His user name here is Rdlguy
"There is an ad on ebay offering service to older Naim kit. Somewhere in Washington I believe."

That is Hawthorne Stereo
check on Naim internet site, at least two sources for repair in US.
I had my Nait 1 recently serviced by Hawthorne Stereo in Seattle. When they returned the amp, they also included the old electrolytic capacitors that they replaced. The unit virtually looks the same as when I shipped it. I did photograph the inside of the unit before sending it off, so I can confirm the work done. Within one week, the work was completed. After about 10 to 20 hours playing time, the sound smoothed out and I was treated to that Naim magic. I didn't think my 21 year old Nait 1 sounded bad before servicing, but it sure sounded better with the servicing. I considered my investment a bargain.

I could have sent the Nait 1 to Naim in the UK since my unit was still in working order, but I saved much money and time going through Hawthorne.