Who Shot the Deputy?

I was watching a film recently where a character played by Bob Hoskins (an excellent actor, one of my favs) was lamenting how his elderly mother was now listening to reggae music all night and day. She was into so much that she asked the question "who shot the deputy?" We all know who shot the sheriff, but does anybody know the answer to the old lady's question.
Must've been Tosh :-)
Sheriff John Brown
Same dude that got King Tubby. Assh*le.
Well from what I can work out it sounded like some guy with an unusual name..................

Ohnono shot the deputy. Or, Bob shot them both and is stretching the truth just to make good song lyrics. Eric Clapton shot none of the above. Who shot Bob? What's wrong Mwilson?
The sheriff shot him so he could come after Bob Marley and Eric Clapton!
Bufus - not attacking the poster, hehe... some hoodlum killed dub legend King Tubby during a robbery. Rough place - they'd kill you for your stereo system ; )
Good one Ben, I think your right.
I think Oliver Stones' next movie that will get to the bottom of all this.
Well, we know the Sheriff was shot, but do we really know that the deputy was even shot? All we know is that he didn't shoot the deputy. Maybe nobody shot the deputy.
Twl, your response makes me think that single ended triode, single driver horn guys really are different.

I here Stone has lined up Vin Diesel for the lead and is talking to Gary Oldham for the sheriff.
We know someone killed the deputy from the second stanza:

All around in my hometown
They're tryin' to track me down, yeah
They say they want to bring me in guilty
For the killing of a deputy, for the life of a deputy
But I say, oh, now, now...
oh yeah, that's right, i was trying to think of that but my brain wouldn't work this morning
That's right. So the deputy did get shot. Perhaps the Sheriff shot the deputy, and tried to frame Eric Clapton for it. Then Eric Clapton shot the Sheriff for framing him for the deputy's murder. Clapton still had to take the rap anyway, but he felt better that he at least killed that lousy SOB Sheriff that tried to frame him for killing the deputy. Right?
Martha Stewart. The deputy was investigating her illegal trading of Jamaican spice futures.

It was all a vast right wing conspiracy...
Read my lips, You wrong doers will not get away with shooting the deputy! As for that incident in my past when I shot a deputy, well that was a youthful indiscretion. (I was only 44)