Who services older equipment?

I have some 70s era Marantz components I would like to have serviced. I purchased new the following: Model 140 power amp, 3200 preamp, and 112 tuner. The tuner looks great but needs adjustments. The preamp has one channel not working.
The amp works great and is used in my bedroom system. They all look very nice and have nostalgic value, so I would be willing to spend a reasonable amount to fix. Any help in servicing this gear would be most appreciative. Alas, these are all ss, not tubes!

Jim Robinson
Try Mike Zuccaro 8795 Corvus Place,San Diego,Ca 92126
Phone# 858-271-8294
first of all where are you located and how much you're willing to spend?
most of such shops will charge you upto $150 of labor + parts.

i can be in help fixing for you these units for $100 each of labor + parts, but i'm not sure if you will spend such money for the old unit + round trip actual shipping(i do the fixing as a home technician and as hobby as well)

i checked ebay on your items and i believe that it's not worth to spend money and/or send it for the repair rather than hunt a little-bit on these units on e-net since they're in the range of $150 in average.
You didn't mention your location Jim; but a good place to
start might be your local McIntosh dealer. They often work
on older Mac equipment from the late 60s on - and if they
can't repair your gear, they will often know who can.
I just recently had my MR-73 Mac tuner (a late 1970s
unit) completely refurbished; and my local Mac service dept.
was able to get a replacement part that is no longer made
or carried by McIntosh quite easily. The tuner now works and
looks like new - and the reception is wonderful.
Doug Siegel at Audio Specialties Portland, OR.
503 257 3206 (I believe phone number is correct). He works wonders with older equipment and is a used equipment only dealer.
Andy Nagy
17 Jubinville Street
Winnipeg Manitoba


I have yet to find an item that he could not fix, whether Marantz, Dynaco, H/K, Citation, McIntosh, Quad, Leak, Sherwood, Scott, etc. etc.etc.

He was able to repair (to original spec's) a Mac power amp that Mac said could not be repaired. As he works from his home, the rates are far less than normal shop rates.

If you are an American, your costs are lower due to your favourable exchange rate compared to our Cdn dollar
$1 Cdn = $0.65 US. A $100 Cdn bill comes out to $65 US.

thanks and good luck in your repairs.

An addition to my original post: I live in Tallahassee, Fl.
The tuner (Marantz model 112) works good. I recently replaced the panel backlighting using four fuse type lamps. There are four indicator lamps for various switches. Two do not work, and I could not locate this type of lamp. Also, although the tuner sounds fine, the frequency indicator is off slightly. I would probably spend $100 to fix it. Like I said in my previous post, it has nostalgic value and looks much cooler than any of the digital tuners out there.

The Marantz model 3200 preamp looks great, also. But it might not be worth fixing. The right channel is nearly dead. So it might require substancial parts replacement. But again, I would be willing to spend $100 to get it working.

Thanks for all the previous responses.

I have had good luck with repairs of old eq. tube, with John McCormack at Rainbow electronics [ www.rainbowelectronics.net ] 916-334-7277 John also makes big tube amp the company is shoreline electronics [ www.shorelineamps.com ] I have also read that Cary the tube amp people will repair amp and preamps to get it up and running only, no mods call them for info as I have not delt with them Myself Marc