Who sells outer LP jacket slip-covers?

You know the kind...open on one side, heavier plastic to protect the LP's cardboard jacket. NOT the thin plastic ones that can be totally sealed with the adhesive strip! Thanks in advance!

Probably lots of others too.
The bags unlimited place has two sizes for the jacket cover. One is a little larger overall and I prefer it to the standard size. Easier to slip the lp jacket back in. I place mine so the opening for the plastic is at the top to prevent accidental rollout of the lp, so I remove the entire lp cover to play.
I think you can also get LP sleeves and outer jackets from Red Trumpet, dccblowout (aka Better Records), and Elusive Disc. Here are the links:



I have been buying them cheaply on Ebay. I forget the guys name, but his prices are good.
I just go a hundred from music direct, the 4mil, and they are very nice. I will be getting enough for my whole collection. Can't imagine needing more than the 4mil.
If you decide to splurge and go for the top-notch Mylar resealables then try Marshall Weeks of Far West Record Supply in San Dimas, Ca. Last time I bought them, roughly a year ago, they were less than 20 cents each.