Who sells high quality audiophile CD’s?

I have CD’s from Chesky Records and Reference Recordings and enjoy them very much. For example, the Chesky Records "SWING LIVE" with Bucky Pizzarelli (SACD223, CHDVD222))is an outstanding recording. What other companies produce high quality audiophile CD’s? Thanks
GRP and DMP are 2 that come to mind. On DMP I strongly recommend Flim and the BB's - Tricycle.
Check out Mapleshade Recordings. They have a really unique recording philosophy and are known for their audiophile grade recordings (mapleshaderecords.com) However, I find the performances just OK.
There's lots of labels that produce CDs much better than the typical major label sonics. Check out Elusive Disc's website. They sell most of the good ones and have great service.
Some of my favs are on JVC XRCDs. Cisco is another good label. Although hard to find, it's hard to beat the sound of most on the DCC label, mastered by Steve Hoffman. Cheers,
check out the WaterLily acoustics label
If you enjoy world music, in particular Chinese music, I would recommend the offerings from FIM (First Impression Music). The owner, Winston MA, is an audiophile with a wonderful system and dedicated listening room. Many of the best recordings are also available in vinyl.

I would also second the Water Lily Acoustics suggestion above. Kavi Alexander produces minimalist recordings that capture acoustic instruments with a standard 2 microphone array into custom analog recording decks.

Online, these recordings can be purchased from:
I really like MA recordings. Great quality and a diversity of international and domestic artists.

Check out the Maxxjazz.com nice stuff!
Even amoung the major labels there are various levels of quality. For instance the same music you hear on Rhino can be better than the original release.
I know that generalizations can be misleading, but my experience is that European labels (Tacet, MDG for example) tend to deliver superior sound. They also cost $24, and up. You get what you pay for.
I agree agree with Thorman on the MaxJazz label. ECM also produces excellent sounding jazz recordings.

Mr.Alexander of Water Lily Acoustics on his website says:

"We are of the opinion that solid-state and digital technology are inadequate in resolving the complex nature of music, and thus have no place in the process of recording and reproducing it."

Gee, how do manufacture and reproduce CDs & SACDs without the use of solid-state electronics and digital technology?
Kavi Alexander says "We are of the opinion..." He does not say they refuse to market CD's and SACDs. Until the last few years or so, WLA was a vinyl only record label. Mr. Alexander markets what sells, in order to provide income.
He doesn't have to LIKE it.
"Mr. Alexander markets what sells, in order to provide income. He doesn't have to LIKE it."

Slipknot1- Thanks.
This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks..
Try musicdirect.com.
I've always been very impressed with Rounder Records.
Some very good suggestions have been mentioned so far.From a budget point of view I have gotten some very good classical and jazz discs from Naxos and Telarc for less than $10.


There are also some good finds in remastered RCA Red Seal and remastered Mercury Living Presence.

If you like albums from Rounder, you owe it to yourself to checkout Alan Stivel's two albums Renaissance of The Celtic Harp and Harpes du Nouvel age.