Who says studio monitors are "cold and analytical"?

Who says studio monitors are "cold and analytical"?  Does that mean audiophile speakers are warm/colored and distorted?   If Studio Monitors main goal is low distortion, does that mean low distortion is not something audiophiles want?  They want what, high distortion?  "Pretty" sounding distortion?  Or find pretty sounding speakers that make bad recordings sound really good?  What is the point of searching out good recordings then?  They won't sound as intended on a highly colored distorted speaker!   


@thespeakerdude Only 1 sub, it is also made by Genelec it was designed to go with their new speakers. This sub is also not like my audiophile subs it doesn't shake the house (I have a big house 12k square feet) it has a much different personality it simply extends the sound downward it isn't it's own wow. The sub is in the corner so it gives enough to produce an effect but nothing like my audiophile subs. This is the quandary and the reason why I put both systems in one room. I can playback the mix on my audiophile system simply to compare my mix to my own reference of movies and music I've listened to on my audiophile system. I think it's the best thing to do to cover myself using such a new system and also me being in a different part of the business for so long (recording not mixing), I need all the help I can get.


It's nice of you to think so, but to be correct I am NOT an acoustic engineer.  I am really the behind the scenes product manager and also the one who talks to customers and visits studios (a "technical sales" function).  However, I have a strong belief that selling by convincing isn't really possible, people figure that out.  The only way to "sell" in pro or consumer is to educate and let smart people figure out their own answers.  My mission is to reduce the typical misinformation to the engineering department (factories operating on incorrect assumptions) and from the engineering department (buyers misunderstanding product values).



If studio speakers were references they would all sound the same but they dont. They are all tuned differently just like with regular speakers. It is just a marketing term. Genelec is a heavily measurement oriented company. The problem is measurements alone dont tell you everything. Thats why you need golden eared masters to come along and listen to the damn thing and tune it by ear. You have admitted yourself that the genelecs dont sound right. Neither your paradigm or genelec are correct. So stop deceiving yourself and continue searching for PERFECT sound. It is a lifelong journey dont be so naive.

I hear you @lonemountain, I have done design, project management, product management, and marketing engineering. If the customer has an open mind, you can educate them, and they will find their own way there. If they don't even faced with a demonstration, they will still talk themselves out of change. When they are the decision maker, sometimes it is best to just leave them to the competitors and spend time elsewhere.