Who says cables don't make a difference?

Funny, after all these years, people still say things like "you wasted all that money on cables". 
There are still those who believe cables don't make a difference.
I once did marketing for a cable line I consider to be about the best-Stealth Audio Cables. 
One CES, I walked the rooms with the designer/owner, Serguei Timachev. He carried a pair of his then new Indra interconnects. Going from room to room he asked the room runners to replace their source to preamp IC with the Indra. There was not one that was not completely flabbergasted and said that the Indras blew away what they were using. That was the skyrocketing of Indra and Stealth. The Indra became one of the best reviewed cables ever.
Serguei now makes the Sakra-an IC that blows away the Indra!
I don't understand why some still do not value cables as much as I.
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Well, nothing that you want to acknowledge anyway. Let me break it down for you (If I say slowly, would that be rude):

We (like most audiophiles) use our ears to make decisions of what is best for us. Measurements are secondary (as they should be)
Pretty much a given that boxer12 and andy2 are the same person. They virtually always seem to post at the same time, usually on the same or related threads .... weird.

Let   me    type    slow .... for   you.  Your brain has awful audio memory, and your eyes influence auditory perception. Self awareness would generally make most people realize their limitations.  p.s. You and pandy have mentioned measurements probably 10 times more than I have in this thread ... just putting that out there.
So rude david (but at least your not trying humor again). I bet they would love you on one of the pro-audio sites. 
Atadvid got no class.  Have you any shame?