Who says cables don't make a difference?

Funny, after all these years, people still say things like "you wasted all that money on cables". 
There are still those who believe cables don't make a difference.
I once did marketing for a cable line I consider to be about the best-Stealth Audio Cables. 
One CES, I walked the rooms with the designer/owner, Serguei Timachev. He carried a pair of his then new Indra interconnects. Going from room to room he asked the room runners to replace their source to preamp IC with the Indra. There was not one that was not completely flabbergasted and said that the Indras blew away what they were using. That was the skyrocketing of Indra and Stealth. The Indra became one of the best reviewed cables ever.
Serguei now makes the Sakra-an IC that blows away the Indra!
I don't understand why some still do not value cables as much as I.
Silver clad copper PTFE x 3 and 1 pure copper multi strand. Weave and add red copper ends..Shield armor. 40.00 usd.. 5-900.00 retail. Seen a few over 2,000.00. pretty covers, though...

#16-12 for anything other than power amps
#8-12 for power amps

Sorry PC can only do so much...AC clean up goes a lot further than 250-900 PC...BUT hay... just money... poorly spent but it's just money..

Crack me up...

Wire can only subtract information (not that all do) from the signal it’s conducting. Since wire is not active, only passive, it cannot add anything. Who would want a cable that attenuates portions of the audio spectrum that they are trying to conduct from one component to another? That means that if you hear a difference between two interconnects it’s because the two cables in question are attenuating different parts of the audio spectrum! That means that neither are neutral, so, it really means that you pays your money, and you takes your choice of what losses or amount of loss that YOU think sounds better than a low loss solution. That’s why I don’t pay any attention (or money) to cables.
Just for grins I did a quick count on the number of ICs' I'm running in my rather odd stack o' stuff....

...'bout 30 paired cables, plus a couple of 'singles'...lengths from half to two meters.....plus some XLR>RCA m&fm (both ways), 'puter lines, enough AC cables to jump start the monster sans lightning....

And I haven't even mentioned speaker cables....and won't.

30 x 6K$ would buy most of a decent house....the Lotus I'd like to own, with a Yamaha sport bike on a trailer behind it....

The bulk of the cables are from the same vendor, as is the speaker lines.
All of it together didn't run 6K$....and None of it 'came with the items'...

Nor is it trash.  "Reasonable quality at a justifiable price".

True, I can't hear the 1st violinist breathing heavy in the throes of his/her performance efforts....but I think I'd just find that distracting....;)
OK, now I remember why I jumped off the AC power grid! Every time you can reduce the number of cables and power cords you reduce the noise and distortion. By inspection 👀 the best situation would be zero cables and zero power cords, no? But no offense to anyone, everyone has to be somewhere. I can certainly understand why very high resolution and no noise might be distracting to some. 😲