Who says cables don't make a difference?

Funny, after all these years, people still say things like "you wasted all that money on cables". 
There are still those who believe cables don't make a difference.
I once did marketing for a cable line I consider to be about the best-Stealth Audio Cables. 
One CES, I walked the rooms with the designer/owner, Serguei Timachev. He carried a pair of his then new Indra interconnects. Going from room to room he asked the room runners to replace their source to preamp IC with the Indra. There was not one that was not completely flabbergasted and said that the Indras blew away what they were using. That was the skyrocketing of Indra and Stealth. The Indra became one of the best reviewed cables ever.
Serguei now makes the Sakra-an IC that blows away the Indra!
I don't understand why some still do not value cables as much as I.

What I find laughable is the extolling that every successive generation of more expensive cable is so much better than the last generation, when they can't even quantify, at any level, what the last generation did so well to make it "great". Knowing that every amplifier, every pre-amp, every speaker has a different input and output transfer function, it's a given that the ideal cable (if there is one), will be different all the time, and the newest, latest, greatest is unlikely to be any more optimum than the last one.

If you don't know what you actually did well in the last generation, since you can't actually quantify, or even really communicate other than hand-waving, what you are doing well now, how do you know you did better on the next generation and you didn't screw up everything else.  I know the usual "we tested it with our ears" will be thrown out, but unless you're testing thousands of combinations of equipment  (and some of these companies have barely a multi-meter, let alone racks and racks of components to mix and match, how do they know other than in their one or two reference systems it will help other systems, again given they don't even seem to know how they work?
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I’m afraid I’m going to have to recuse myself from this thread, as fun as it’s been. I don’t use cables any more, or power cords, they all introduce distortion and noise. Even the best ones, so I hopped off the AC train and went all battery power. If thy eye offend thee cut it out. No more pencils no more books, no more teacher’s dirty looks. 😡
Power Cords too!
Last night I decided to replace a $800 PC connecting my Core Power 1800 PLC to a 20 amp dedicated line with a Wire World Electra 7, a mere $240 MSRP. That one change brought more out of my Emerald Physics KCIIs than I ever could have hoped for
I would say if you are running $800 power cords with $2500 speakers, that may be a bigger issue than quality of the power cord.