Who said “ flat freq response “ is the best?

I have a dumb question?

who determined that the “ flattest frequency response” is the BEST?

we are all looking over specs and note all the +\- dB deviations from flat and declare it bad?

are we cattle? Or did someone like J Gordon Holt declare it?

 Or am I missing something 

Anyway, I think about stuff to much...lol


Big, hairy Tibetan mastiffs work even better. 
Yes. I’ve said that. Components should be designed to be as flat as possible to be faithful to the original recordings. From that point, all hell breaks loose with rooms, our ear/brain function, personal taste, probably sunspots for all I know. Without flat component response, we have no standard for comparison. What’s to keep products from varying from one to the next?  What good would it do to audition something if the example you buy is different?
Recording engineers don't record anything flat
first there are really no flat microphones
Actually we use our ears to get the overall sound we prefer
It is never flat. Our control rooms were rolled off top and bottom forcing the engineers to boost base and treble. A perfectly flat recording in a flat room sounds terrible. Forget about frequency response and listen to what you like
if it measures good and sounds good, then it's good.  
if it measures good and sounds bad, then it's bad. 

in other words, who cares how it measures, get an EQ to compensate for room interactions, and of course just about every other record you play. 

KlarkTeknik DN360 and minidsp 2x4hd.  Yes to both. 
Who said “ flat freq response “ is the best?

If you want to hear it the way it was recorded and intended to be listen to, then flat is best.
If you don’t like it, buy a equaliser and do what you consider to be the best.

Cheers George